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Barça and Madrid, leaders of an impossible war

Published:27/06/2021 - 00:15h

Updated:27/06/2021 - 03:37h

The 'fights' are no longer solely on the field of play. Barça and Madrid, historical enemies, are the two clubs that are at the forefront of a very difficult war to win

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The football has changed, undoubtedly, with the happen of the years. It does not treat only of the tactics, the blackboards, the trainings, the 'scouting' or all the related directly to the sportive appearance. If there is something that has varied (in some cubes) is the form of economic income. With the apparition of the clubs Been, has expanded the brecha regarding other teams with models more 'traditional', as they are it the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, among others so many.

In 2012,the Paris Saint-Germain became property of Qatar Investment Authority, sovereign bottom of the Arab country and chaired by Nasser To the-Khelaïfi. Since, the Parisian group has lived an economic bubble in which it seems that it does not exist the word 'crisis' or 'losses' and, if they existed, have the perfect antidote in the same offices of the Park of the Princes.

It is a model that of the that other clubs, like the Manchester City, also are leading. In the case of the 'citizens', began a lot before, in 2008, when the club became property of Abu Dhabi United Group. The sheik, Mansour bin Zayed To the Nahyan, is part of the real family of Abu Dhabi. A 'preface' to understand, of some way, the abysmal difference that can have these clubs, economically speaking, on the rest of teams, further of the Barça and Madrid.

The most complicated battle

However, they have been precisely these two those who have dressed of leaders, through his presidents, to struggle against the clubs Been that, defined by Javier Thebes, presidents of LaLiga, "are a danger that had not seen before" and something that can finish the football as we know it nowadays. Curiously, those who would have to defend to the balompié, "that is of the fanatical", are those who give more eases to the sheiks and put him in tray more can in Europe.

And it is that it is not casualidad that Nasser To the-Khelaïfi, president of the PSG, have been appointed like the new president of the ECA, the European Association of Clubs, some days after it announced the Superliga. Neither it is it, obviously, that Aleksander Ceferin announced that the UEFA went to flexibilizar his posture regarding the Fair Play Financial that, yes, Barça, Madrid or any another team can 'appreciate' but that they are the clubs States those that more benefit with his millionaire staff.

And it is that it is one 'measured' so that those that have more income can follow breaking the market and signing traspasos astronomical, as the one of Wijnaldum, to the that the PSG offered him the double of money that the Barça. Like this, other cases more, until it arrive a point, maybe very near, that are they those who dominate completely the market, because they will be those who can pay 50, 60, 70 and 80 millions by player (or even more), leaving to the rest in a situation, undoubtedly, of disadvantage.

It is a war, in all his sense, that took more strength with the irruption of the Superliga and the attempt to carry out it, where himself was the City (in principle), but no the PSG. The idea of Florentino Pérez and company, fits to remember, was that the clubs went those that received the entry by the money that they same generate (in a simple explanation) by the television rights and sponsorships, an idea that did not seat him very well to the UEFA and of there that they forced (direct or indirectly) to the English, Atleti, Inter and AC Milan to abandon the project.

The Superliga, a 'betrayal' for the UEFA

It is true that the Superliga and his model has to suffer a lot of changes, but if there is a reality is that it would be a big solution for the clubs, especially after the pandemia of the coronavirus, that has left to the majority of the teams in a delicate situation and with debts. Proof of this, the accounts of teams more 'modest' as the Rome or so many of England, no only the 'big'.

That's why the Barcelona president, in the General Assembly, defended the project and aimed, besides, that "to us, that defend the interests of the Barça, some civil servants that neither risk neither invest no chafarán neither will be missing to the respect the feeling barcelonista. Have more than 122 years of history and only for thinking will not do us ask pardon. We do not have to ask pardon for thinking and for wanting to be masters of our destination in the world of the football. And less we will pay sanctions".

However, all this has been one 'betrayal' for the UEFA and have been the three clubs that remain in the ship those that have remained distinguished, like the culprits of a 'revolution' unnecessary for the directors in Nyon, Switzerland, but urgent so that the clubs follow to float because, if there is something true, is that the situation can be graver still if there is not a change immediately (that, 'spoiler alert', is not the new format of the Champions League).

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