The two guardametas of the fc barcelona are between the ten better of the classification of the iffhs of 2015

Two goalkeepers of guarantees

Bravo and Ter Stegen, between the best put of the world

Published:13/01/2016 - 15:21h

Updated:2/03/2016 - 20:21h

The two guardametas of the FC Barcelona have colado in the "Top " 10" that the IFFHS has done of the past 2015. In spite of not leading the classification, Claudio Bravo plants in the third position and Ter Stegen is eighth, by in front of Iker Boxes that is ninth

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The two guardametas of the FC Barcelona Claudio Bravo and Marc-Andrés ter Stegen have been included between the ten better goalkeepers of the 2015 for the Ránking that IFFHS made of the past year. A list that although any of the two leads, himself that occupy the third square, in the case of the Chilean, and the octave, in the one of the German. Something very to take into account since both are the only cancerberos of the list that are not headlines in all the competitions with his respective clubs.

And it is that the list heads it Manuel Neuer that it is the goalkeeper chosen by Josep Guardiola for all the competitions that contests the Bayern of Munich and, besides, is the cancerbero title of the selection of Germany. Gianluigi Buffon, second in the classification, is equally title indisputable in the Juventus of Turín and in the selection of Italy.

While the German has achieved a total of 188 points, the Italian has done with 78, more than half of a vote where clearly has imposed the put of Gelsenkirchen. Tercero already appears Claudio Bravo to the that has rewarded him by his excellent level showed in the League BBVA as well as his performance with the selection of Chile, with which heaved the past 2015 the Glass America. In total, the one of Santiago carried 45 points.

In these votes, in which they collaborated experts in the world of the football of 50 countries consulted by the International Federation of History and Statistical (IFFHS), the chamber and first Spanish goalkeeper that appears is the put of the Manchester United David of Gea with 34 supports. Further down it is Marc-André ter Stegen, eighth in the classification in spite of his youth and that it does not enjoy of the titularity in Germany and with the FC Barcelona has limited to contest Champions and Glass of Rey. It gives the casualidad that Ter Stegen surpasses to Iker Boxes, ninth, after the Madrilenian appointed it to him like one of the goalkeepers with better future.

This is the Ránking IFFHS of better goalkeepers 2015:

  1. Manuel NEUER (Bayern/Ale) , 188 points
  2. Gianluigi BUFFON (Juventus / Ita), 78
  3. Claudio BRAVO (Barça /Chi), 45
  4. David OF GEA (Manchester United / ESP), 34
  5. Thibaut COURTOIS (Chelsea / Bél), 24
  6. Petr CECH (Chelsea-Arsenal / RChe), 18
  7. Marcelo BAROVERO (River Plate / Arg), 12
  8. Marc-André TER STEGEN (Barça / Ale), 7
  9. Iker BOXES (Madrid-Carry / ESP) , 6
  10. Daniel SUBASIC (Monaco / Cro), 4
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