Ousmane Dembélé, after being injured by last time in the Barça


Ousmane Dembélé, one thousand days in Barça divided in injuries and controversy

Published:20/05/2020 - 19:34h

Updated:20/05/2020 - 19:34h

In almost three years, if something has showed Ousmane Dembélé in the FC Barcelona is that is a player with whom one never can trust. With a giant talent, yes, the same that his physical fragility

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Ousmane Dembélé Sealed his signing by the FC Barcelona on 24 August 2017 like consequence semi-immediate to the course of Neymar Jr to Paris Saint-Germain, that had produced hardly two weeks before. The young French star left like this the Borussia Dortmund after only a campaign in the group trained then by Thomas Tuchel, with which erigió at most assistant of the big European leagues together with Neymar, precisely.

Definitely it was a footballer that promised -and keeps on being it-, but passed his first 1.000 days in the FC Barcelona can say that have seen more shadows that lights. 74 parties played, 66 in the infirmary by a total of 9 injuries -some of them of gravity-, 16 goals and a list of delays and controversial that, although they have gone decreciendo with the step of the time, do not leave in good place his commitment with the club.

It cost 105 million euros more 40 'kilos' more in variables, converting then in the most expensive signing of the history of the FC Barcelona -still had not arrived Coutinho-, when the previous summer the Borussia Dortmund there was him fichado pertinent of the Rennes in return of 15 'kilos'. Definitely the Germans did a big business, and the time like this has showed it.

The 'via crucis' of the French is an evidence checked, and began almost at the beginning of LaLiga in the season 2017-2018. It was against the Getafe and had precisely an injury treaded to which has done him lose what remains of course until the month of August, when perhaps it have the opportunity to reappear to play some parties of Champions League.

In September of 2017, had to withdraw of the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez after breaking the sinew of the biceps femoral of the left thigh. It was operated in Helsinki, was 106 unemployed days, lost 20 meetings and did not return until beginnings of January of 2018. So only 11 days after going back, however, Dembélé went back to break. It was in a Real Sociedad-Barça on 15 January 2018, when it was lesionado by a break fibrilar in the semitendinoso of the left thigh. It could not go back to the fields until 11 February, losing of this way seven parties by injury.

It could play some parties more after his recovery and, when it seemed that the worst had happened and that at last could accelerate his adaptation to the team, Dembélé fell lesionado again in the last meeting of League against the Real Sociedad. Luckily for him no longer it lost any party more by fault of this sprain in the right ankle, but went a new hit to his confidence.

The following important injury did not go until January of the 2019, when it suffered a new sprain, although this time in the left foot. It was 'KO' around a month and did not go back to the fields until February. It lost in total five commitments. It would not be until March when it would begin his torment with the biceps femoral, to the lesionarse in the left. It remained moved away of the terrains of game until April and lost four meetings and almost a month of competition.

It lasted healthy a month and before finishing this campaign went back to recaer against the Celtic of Vigo, when they had not played neither 30 seconds of party. This time were the isquiotibiales of the right, that did him lose what was missing of course, not contesting neither the turn of the semifinals of Champions against the Liverpool, neither the final of Glass against Valencia.

To the third was not the defeated: The season 2019-20, a horror

In spite of two marked seasons by the injuries, thought that this third course would be the one of his definite hatching. In the club went back to make a mistake , and the time has gone back to show it. Dembélé Fell lesionado in the debut of the Barça in League against the Athletic. The extreme Frenchman suffered a break of fibres in the left leg. It denied to happen the proofs after the party and did not do it until two days afterwards, in an episode of the that spoke a lot and that supposed a new controversy with the club, after his intermittent delays and some fault injustificada in the trainings.

After happening a month lesionado and to lose five parties, went back in September and, when it seemed already recovered, suffered more annoyances that forced him to lose another crash more. To finals of November, when it was beginning to go in in dynamics at last, diagnosed him a break of the biceps femoral that had done him be of drop up to now. It carried more than two months without playing, having stray 15 appointments, but his comeback was increasingly near. When all seemed to begin to improve, the Frenchman went back to break. And like this up to now.

At present it finds immersed in a process of recovery that, in theory, would allow him go back to play in August. But knowing his physical fragility, does not foresee that Setién go to range him in the most demanding parties of Champions League, if it is that the Barça plays them, taking into account that it will have been unemployed and without competing during all the year 2020. It remains him to Dembélé some opportunity more in the Barça? This summer will know it.

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