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Doctor Cugat: "Suárez has gone very fast, two months ago he was already playing"

Published:17/05/2020 - 14:29h

Updated:17/05/2020 - 16:31h

The doctor Ramon Cugat is a big medical specialist sportive. Luis Suárez has been one of his last patients and, by his words, his recovery has been fast

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The past month of January, the doctor Ramon Cugat operated to Luis Suárez of his knee with a prognosis of time of recovery of four months. Nevertheless, the Uruguayan forward has gone evolving very properly and even much faster of the expected. The own Cugat has spoken on the ariete of Jump in an interview for the newspaper 'Sport'.

In fact, it has explained that Suárez saw playing even before the confinement. "I have not seen it more since it confined , but yes, each week are speaking with the medical service, with the preparador physical Juanjo Brau. It has gone going up the loads home, and now in the field of individual form. We expect that it begin to play, I think so, saw it before shutting us very animated. And already it saw playing two months ago!", it commented.

"Now it goes to have a month to put in shape, perhaps will not go in to play in the first minutes"

Cugat Recognised that the forward culé has shortened terms of recovery. "The truth that has gone very fast, very fast, because these injuries it is necessary to walk with a poquito of care, are players of a lot of power. It likes him the football, wants to play and finds well. It said me: Doctor, what is missing me, twenty days, three weeks...? It did me prank, is very animoso, very majo", said.

Nevertheless the doctor culé warned that it is necessary to go with care in his turn, considering that it will not go in of hit in the team title but it will do it little by little. "Now it goes to have a month to put in shape, perhaps will not go in to play in the first minutes, but this already is the trainer the one who goes it to dosificar, already is technical question", sentenced.

The return of the football

Cugat Also wetted on a question that concerns after the resumption of the parties: they will increase the injuries? "It is an anomalous season and never have lived it, foresees that there are injuries and perhaps more, especially muscular. There are factors no only personal, also emotional, especially for the teams in the two extremes. The ones of down suffer more the psychological stress of the defeat, it is necessary to go with care", answered.

The doctor launched some councils: "we Have to avoid the injuries. I always say them to the footballers: 'you Have to be in shape to do sport, never will do sport to be in shape'. I trust that conciencien well and do not begin to run in a crazy way, avoid sprints in cold, first is necessary to have the very greased muscle. They are important the good councils, that the footballers know to rest and eat well. If they assume it we could attain that the percentage was not so high as perhaps it expects ".

Cugat, besides, showed adherent to go back to the football. "In the life there are two attitudes, or remain me home or go out. If I remain me, perhaps I will not have an accident, unless it fall me the house on, and if I go out of house, as yes, can have it. There are a lot of things at stake and does not be necessary to have him fear, the life follows. The risks exist, but a lot of care with closing a country… If there is a no thought mishap, always can give a course backwards. I am adherent to go back", said.

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