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Piqué confesses: win and lose with the Barça, presidency, motivations...

Published:1/04/2021 - 08:25h

Updated:1/04/2021 - 11:00h

Gerard Piqué has had the opportunity to speak on the value of the triumph, his expectations and big disappointments in the world of the football

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Gerard Piqué has dressed the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona of way ininterrrumpida by more than a decade and accumulates a sinfín of experiences with the Barcelona picture: important victories, touch the sky in Europe or form part of the best team of the history, the one of the 'sextete' with Pep Guardiola, but also has lived big disappointments and dramatic nights in the Champions League, with the traced back of the Rome and Liverpool, in addition to the disaster of Lisbon in front of the Bayern Munich.

The central has an experience that a lot of wanted to, by all what attained in his moment with the Spanish selection, but has achieved to be supported by the feet in the earth and recognise that what voucher, at the end of day, are all the experiences that accumulate on the way and that the 'win' is not it everything. Like this it has commented it in 'Nexes', of 'TV3', during the afternoon of the Wednesday.

Gerard Piqué has had the opportunity to speak on the value of the triumph and began explaining that "win is to attain something: a sportive victory, a triumph in the personal life. Can have you cost a lot or little. You learn to measure that grow. Of small teach you to compete and to enjoy", said, aiming that it believes necessary to do a "balance between winning and be happy", because they are not the same.

"It is necessary to be gentleman in the victory and in the defeat".

To his time, signalled that of small, his father did not get obsessed with it the idea to win all the time and that "in the football never said me that it had to do it better or that it had to win. It was demanding, but did not have the obligation to win". Finally, it has said that "it is easier to know win that lose. They teach us to respect to the another from small, but afterwards is necessary to carry it to the practice. It is necessary to be gentleman in the victory and in the defeat".

In the case of his history with the FC Barcelona, has aimed that "have had painful defeats. One of which more is the one of Liverpool. It is difficult", because it understands that it was a point of the Barcelona picture in which 'something' popped and that were not prepared for this traced back and the elimination, by the positive result that had achieved in the party of gone.

By the contrary, regarding his best victories like footballer, 'Geri' has commented that "any Champions, is the one who shines more. Also the World-wide, because it had not happened never. Win is very well, but what remain are the experiences. The list of winners is well, but the important is the route", sentenced.

Motivation and challenges

In his participation in 'Nexes', Piqué spoke also of the motivation and the state of spirit to compete, explaining that "it influences a lot in the victories. The confidence is fundamental. The talent is basic, but the jump do it to you give other factors", aimed.

Regarding his challenges, has desvelado that "I always need challenges. I have not put me in the businesses to make money. It is an inducement, but remain me with the experiences, know people, other cultures, trips... And this does you improve like person. And this is impagable".

In this same line, aimed that it saw reflected in the last elections of the FC Barcelona since "have a lot of information of the Barça and wanted to see how did it", but that considers that "it was a worthy fight. And I expect that Laporta fulfil the mandate", signalling, finally, that "do not know, do not know if in the future I will be president... I seat that I still am footballer and have a good time".

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