Leo Messi commanded a greeting to Lauti


The gesture of Messi with a boy with cerebral paralysis that has thrilled to Argentina

Published:6/04/2018 - 19:09h

Updated:7/04/2018 - 00:20h

Leo Messi sent a greeting to Lautaro, an Argentinian boy that suffers cerebral paralysis and that it is unconditional fan of the Barcelona star. The boy saw fulfilled his dream receiving an affectionate message of the crack of the Barça by his birthday

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Lautaro finally could fulfil his dream to receive a greeting of Leo Messi twelfth birthday. His friends and professors know him as 'Lauti', and is a boy that has cerebral paralysis and cursa sixth of primary. Also it is a greeting of Leo Messi or of the greater fans of the star of the FC Barcelona.

Federico Almenar, been mad about of the football and father of Lauti, wanted that his son received the best possible gift by part of his greater idol and finally achieved that Leo Messi received his request. The Argentinian recorded a video greeting fondly to the boy, that finally saw fulfilled his dream.

Letter of the father of Lautaro

Through the social networks and using the hashtag #saludodemessi, the father of Lauti attained that Leo Messi received his message: "Hello Antonela or Leo Messi, pardon by my letter expect that it arrive of heart, am dad of Lautaro, a boy with a severe cerebral paralysis, only wanted that you know that on 3 April fulfilled 12 añitos and so only asks me of gift can give an embrace to Leo and say him that it wants it a lot".

Federico gave to know the history of Lautaro through said letter: "Only I am a dad that tries to do what went for following seeing it smile to Lautaro, are Of Jujuy, Argentina, all the days looks his tablet opens his wathsapp and dreams that Leo sends him a greeting, ojalá can some day know you Lautaro. It loves you Leonel".

Leo Messi answered

Finally, Leo Messi received the message and did not doubt in commanding him the reply to Lauti through a video. "Hello, Lauti. They arrived me the videos and the messages. It thrilled me a lot see you to vos and to your compañeritos. Therefore it wanted to command you this greeting, and wish you the best", began.

Besides, the crack Argentinian was more far and expressed his wish to know personally to the boy: "I Expect that you walk well and that some day have the opportunity to know us personally. I command you a greeting to vos and to all the people that is here".

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