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The unforgivable deception of the agent of Vinicius to Barça and to Cury

Published:25/11/2021 - 16:05h

Updated:25/11/2021 - 16:08h

This Thursday the conversation between Federico Pena, Vinicius's agent, and André Cury, formerly of FC Barcelona, ​​was revealed shortly before the Brazilian signed for Madrid. It seems that Pena betrayed the Catalans and his friend

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"Never I have been culé, but have followed a lot to Neymar, that was my idol and the people finish it confusing. Always I have been of the Real Madrid​ and the Madrid was the one who less money offered me and the one who less madnesses did. But they believed in me and offered me the best project". These were the words of Vinicius does some weeks to deny to Gerard Hammered and to André Cury, that ensured that the Brazilian was of the FC Barcelona and that went to the Madrid by money.

This past Tuesday, the forward madridista insisted in this idea in 'The Crossbar' to leave clear that chose to the Madrid by sportive and sentimental criteria. "I do not give rope to the people of out. The two clubs wanted to me, but chose the Madrid because I thought that was better project and was where had more affinity. I think that I chose well, always I have been of the Madrid, of Cristiano Ronaldo and of other players", stood out.

However, this Thursday the 'Chain BE' has taken out to the light the previous conversation to the signing of 'Vini' by the picture merengue. His representative, Federico Pena, recommended him to André Cury, that wanted to carry him to the Barça, that gave course backwards and did the business with the Madrid. "I will do what want to, have the power to manipulate to all the world in this case and will do it in accordance with your will. But I write you to say you that would prefer that Vinicius was to the Real Madrid. It reads, reflexiona and tomorrow you will decide, ok?", it began the agent.

Pena tried to convince to Cury with the money, leaving fall that in the Spanish capital would pay more by Vinicius. "We will win more commission", aimed, for afterwards insist in that the Brazilian would have more place in the Bernabéu and his agents could do more business to half and long term. "The player will be to the shadow of Neymar, that is to the shadow of Messi. With Vinicius in the Madrid would have the opportunity to dominate to the two bigger clubs of the world. Fix you how many players has planted to Jorge Mendes in the Madrid since it is Christian", explained.

Federico followed his argumentation insisting in that in Madrid would have more importance that in Barcelona. "There are a lot of important players that have triumphed in the Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane , Marcelo... Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos even Flavio Conçeiçao... Vini Is special and will treat him the same in Barcelona or in Madrid. The opportunity that Vinicius have prompt impact and break memories in the Madrid is more real and concrete. In the Barça have to expect to that Messi go down in the middle of the field and in his position is Neymar", signalled.

The betrayal of the agent of 'Vini' to the Barça and to his fellow Cury

The representative of the ex of the Flamengo finalised his contribution with the following reflection: "Can that this change the life of Vinicius? I do not know it. Perhaps it have more economic impact for us that for the sportsman. It thinks in this and speak tomorrow", concluded, heading to Cury. At the end, the ex Barcelona denied to accept the proposal of the Madrid because already they had engaged with the Barça. After the "no", Pena decided descartar the deal with the culés and with his fellow, and finish arriving to an agreement with the madridistas. A betrayal in all rule that has gone out to the light four years afterwards.

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