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Is Ronald Araújo the best central defender in the world? His level and his rivals to the 'title'

Published:25/02/2023 - 17:10h

Updated:25/02/2023 - 17:16h

Ronald Araújo has confirmed this season the sensations he already left last season and has established himself as the leader of Barça's defense. The Uruguayan already 'eats' at the table of the best in the world and there are few defenders who argue with him as the most dominating defense on the planet

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Insuperable in the one against one, dominant in career and very winning by up, like this is the leader of the saga of the FC Barcelona, that is not another that Ronald Araújo. Although it can sound exaggerated, there has not been in all the history a lot of head offices that gather so many defensive qualities like which has this Uruguayan of 23 years that arrived to the filial of the Barça in August of 2018.

The now '4' culé showed from his debut in the first team in October of 2019 that in him there was a defender of a lot of level. The past season was a step further and left clear that if the injuries respected him could be the new 'boss' of the Barcelona saga during the next decade. This course, already asentadísimo in the eleven of Xavi Hernández, already is in the conversation of the best head offices of the planet.

Araújo Has everything to be one of these defences called generacionales, as in his moment went it Gerard Hammered or Carles Puyol. It is very fast, very strong, high, agile in spite of surpassing the 1,90 m, potentísimo in the jump so much in defence as in attack and little by little is showing an evident improvement in the exit of ball, so much in long trips as at stake in short. In summary, by conditions, personality, regularity and performance the one of Rivera is already for some the best in his place of the planet. Nevertheless, it is not an enclosed debate and there is other central of level that him 'litigate' this title honorífico.

Rúben Dias

The Portuguese gave the jump of quality that needed the saga of the Manchester City when it arrived in return of more than 70 million euros in 2020. It is conclusive, goes very well to the cut, goes very well by high and does not take out at all badly the balloon played. Nevertheless, in the past Champions League showed in front of the Real Madrid that is not infalible, doing a penalti silly to Benzema and seeing surpassed in several actions. It is a big player, but inferior to an Araújo that is a Swiss clock.

Eder Militao

The madridista is by conditions, style and regularity the central that more seems and that more near is of Ronald in the world in these moments. It is very fast, in the one against one is tremendously difficult to surpass, to the crossing is decisive and goes very well by up. Besides, with balloon is increasingly important in exit, the same that the charrúa in the Barcelona.

Ronald Araújo y Eder Militao en un Clásico

Cade say that the culé wins him probably in forcefulness, since the one of the Real Madrid has a big 'sinned', that is the trust excess when feeling so upper to the attackers that has to defend. Nevertheless, by his 25 recently fulfilled years, one more than an Araújo that will fulfil 24 in March, will be rival a lot of years, contesting perhaps during all the be the best of the planet.

Matthijs Of Ligt

After three years something irregular in the Juventus, Of Ligt has recovered his best level in the Bayern of Munich. The Dutch seemed that it went to be the best of the planet during a lot of years when it dazzled in the Ajax to all Europe, but has cost him more time of the expected be in this conversation. The Barça wanted to him and can that if it had accepted now would be forming supla with Araújo, but preferred Turín.

Luckily, at the end in the Baviera is showing his qualities of form regulate at last. It is something slow running to backwards, but is very intelligent going to the crossing and positioning always where more touches, is very strong, goes very well of head and taking out the balloon is a delight. It can that it was underneath of the charrúa blaugrana, but is 'top' definitely.

Virgil Go Dijk

The mate of saga in Low Countries of Of Ligt has hit a bajón important this campaign, the same that almost all the players of the Liverpool. Against the Real Madrid, in a stage of very high requirement, showed that it no longer is this insuperable head office, dominant and excelso in everything that became for even compete with Leo Messi by a Balloon of Gold.

The break of the ligament crossed of the knee that produced in October of 2020 has happened him bill and since has not gone back to be the same. It was the best of the planet with quite a lot of difference and now, with 31 years, is far to be it. It follows keeping his big exit of ball, his intelligence to the cut and his big aerial game with his more than 1,90, but has lost the tip of speed and acceleration that did him be insuperable.

Jules Koundé

The ex of the Seville is the second barcelonista and the second French of the list of better defenders of the world. It is, besides, the most different defender, since hardly it arrives to the 1,80 m of height, something odd nowadays, since the majority of head offices of level brush the 1,90 m. In spite of this, is very fast, his big jump helps to paliar his fault of height and with balloon is the finest of all these 'cracks'. The drivings of Koundé to go out from backwards breaking lines are a classical in his game and carry him to another level in attack regarding his others competitors.

Jules Koundé en el Girona-Barça

By all this, Xavi is using to the Frenchman more like right side, where also surrenders, since the Barcelona has lacks in this position. Nevertheless, here it is far to give the performance that gives in the centre of the saga. In general, although it is very fast to the crossing, is not so expeditivo neither exuberante like Araújo and therefore it is something underneath of him. This yes, both complement well and, when the ex sevillista assents in the saga surely finish forming the best couple of head offices of the world.

Milan Skriniar

Although it does not have the fame neither the status that can have the rest of names of this list, Skriniar, that still has 28 years, carries a lot of being one of the best defences of the planet. To the Slovak has penalised him his style, sobrio and without florituras, and play in a league like the Series To, that carries time without going through his best moment, but is a central of category.

It is very conclusive, complicated to surpass by up, intelligent to the cut and, in spite of not being his strong, with some level to take out it from backwards played. It has been in several occasions in the list of the Barcelona, that suffered him the past campaign and has gone back him to suffer this year in Champions, but at the end will play in the PSG when it finish agreement this summer with the Inter of Milan.

William Saliba

Although in the French selection is to the shadow of Dayot Upamecano, that at last is winning regularity in his game in the Bayern and that is calling to the door to go in in this list, Saliba has a floor and a still greater ceiling that the one of his compatriot. The defender has won the confidence of Arteta after projecting in the Marseilles and is being one of the fundamental pieces of the Arsenal leader of the Premier.

The already international 'bleu' will fulfil 22 years in March, by what is the more youngster of the rivals of Araújo by the crown. Although it is not ran fast neither powerful like Ronald or Militao, yes is agile and possesses a big stride that allows him dominate to open field. Besides, it goes of wonder by high and has in his depuradísima gone out of balloon another of his strong. If his progression follows like this can finish being one of the two or three better of the world during more than a decade.

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