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'SPORT': Dembélé wants to stay! Enlightening talk of his agents with Xavi

Published:26/01/2022 - 18:18h

Updated:26/01/2022 - 22:37h

Moussa Sissoko and Marco Lichsteiner met with Xavi Hernández to show him Ousmane Dembélé's commitment to continue in the FC Barcelona first team and extend his contractual relationship

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Moussa Sissoko And Marco Lichsteiner, agents of Ousmane Dembélé, gathered in the afternoon of this Monday with Xavi Hernández to transmit him to the technician of the FC Barcelona the firm will of the French extreme to continue linked to the Catalan entity of face to the next season, as well as his wish to renew his agreement, that expires on 30 June 2022. This as it has informed the newspaper 'Sport'.

Always with base to the information of the quoted half, both representatives of Dembélé did him know to the trainer egarense that his player is engaged with the Barcelona project and is proud to be player of the FC Barcelona, by what wishes to follow helping to the team to fulfil his sportive aims. Him recalcaron that his commitment is indisputable, that is to the 100 by 100 engaged with the Barça.

In fact, this message already had transmitted it to him previously the own Ousmane to the trainer of the first Barcelona team does scarce days, but in this occasion wanted to be the agents those who saw expensive to face with the technician for clarificarles his posture with regard to his intention to remain in the entity culé further of June, date of vencimiento of his agreement.

This meeting supposes a significant twist in the negotiations, as up to now always had seemed that the agents of Dembélé were adherents to take out him of the club. However, in this meeting with Xavi, Sissoko and Marco Lichsteiner left him clear that the will of the French extreme is the one to follow and that he only was working to carry out this idea.

Reaction of the Barcelona

It did not do expect the reaction of the Barcelona club. Hours afterwards, the agents of the entity put in contact with Moussa Sissoko and Marco Lichsteiner to ask them that they look for a way for destrabar this operation that is so aground. Both agents have foreseen to remain in the City Condal until finding a solution that was satisfactory for the two parts.

Undoubtedly, the movement effected by the two agents supposes an important twist in the negotiations of the 'case Dembélé'. Because of the way that had taken the conversations, the Barcelona club was expecting his exit to free mass salarial and give entrance to Álvaro Morata, but this change offered by the agents opens the door to the continuity of Ousmane. Now it subtracts to expect to see if it arrives to a final agreement for both parts to alone five days of the end of the wintry market.

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