Gerard Hammered, celebrating the doublet of League and Glass with the Barça


The answer of Hammered to Arbeloa and to Santiago Bernabéu

Published:31/05/2016 - 07:16h

Updated:31/05/2016 - 12:10h

Justo after Álvaro Arbeloa and Santiago Bernabéu went back to agree of Gerard Hammered during the party of celebration of the title of UEFA Champions League, the central of the FC Barcelona did not take too much in answering

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Hardly some minutes took Gerard Hammered, just after being abused by the public of Santiago Bernabéu and that Arbeloa agreed of him, in showing a curious reaction in the social networks. Arbeloa Had launched him a "dart" during the celebration of the UEFA Champions League achieved by the Real Madrid, and the assistants merengues began to sing "Hammered, cabrón, greets to the champion!".

The case is that, few minutes after the contempt madridista to the player of the FC Barcelona, this decided to share through Twitter a publication that could understand like a subliminal message headed to Álvaro Arbeloa, that was the one who lit the fuse remembering him without mentioning him in the Bernabéu. "I hate Christian Laettner", wrote Hammered.

It fits to remember that Christian Laettner was a player of basketball whose presence in the Dream Team of United States, in the Olympic games of 1992, caused some controversy when proceeding of the university and have not played still in the NBA. Besides, it is also a documentary of the ESPN on the díscolo baloncestista, in which it sees him pisotear to a player in the field and where remain revealed conflicts with mates of team.

The name of this documentary, of this form, could be related with Arbeloa, when having some points of connection between Laettner and the player madridista. The footballer merengue, without going more far, has contested only this season 258 minutes in League and 180 in the Champions.

It stepped to David Villa in the final of the Glass of the King of 2011, and confronted with Iker Boxes in the Real Madrid, causing a seism in the white changing room does little year. The coincidences are here, is clear. However, it is a mystery if Gerard Hammered really wanted to relate to Arbeloa with Laettner or, simply, share with his followers the a lot of that has liked him the documentary.

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