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The two factors that complicate the renewal of Sergi Roberto with Barça

Published:17/01/2022 - 14:15h

Updated:17/01/2022 - 14:15h

FC Barcelona will have a lot of work ahead to renew Sergi Roberto's contract, which expires on June 30. The one of Reus is not satisfied with the conditions

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They are many the tasks 'urgent' that has the FC Barcelona nowmism or. Of form resumida, the club has to resolve the situation of Ousmane Dembélé, the paramount renewals of Gavi and Ronald Araújo, as well as advance in his 'operation gone out' and contractual readjustment (and salarial) of other so many players. To the Barça accumulate him the earrings... And they add him even more for resolving.

The Barcelona are attentive to the renewal of the agreement of Sergi Roberto, by two years more. The club expects that, as with the rest of captains (Gerard Hammered, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba), the centrocampiste adapt his wage and differ a percentage for 'help' to the arks of the team in time of crisis. The extension, of agreement to what comes informing, will be by two years and the Barça expects to confirm it in the weeks to come, because it is an important option to generate margin salarial.

However, by in front there are two problems with the extension of the stay of Sergi Roberto in the Camp Nou, of agreement to the information of 'Sportive World'. First, by part of the surroundings of the player there is some reticencia due to the fact that the discount of his income, according to the offers that have presented up to now, would be very high. Unlike the rest of the captains, the one of Reus did not have a very high wage (did not surpass the 9,5 millions) and, to go down it in the percentage that would be asking the club, does not convince to the footballer of 29 years.

It will not generate a lot of 'fair play' financial

The second point, also important, is that with the reduction of the wage would not fulfil the big aim of the Barça that it is to have margin salarial,p uesto Sergi is not between which more earn in the staff. With what the club save of his wage, would apply the rule '1 to 4', which establishes that by each four euros freed with a sale with plusvalías or discount salarial, can use one to inscribe to a player.

In an example, if Sergi before earned eight million gross euros and reduces his wage to the half (4), the Barça could use 25% of that mount that it is saving . A figure that no 'would serve' for a lot in the Camp Nou. This would be a factor that could generate disputes in the negotiations and, for now, in the surroundings of Sergi expect to begin from zero and expect a new offer by part of the culés.

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