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Iñaki Peña's words about Ter Stegen, his idol in Barça

Published:16/11/2020 - 10:10h

Updated:16/11/2020 - 10:10h

Iñaki Peña, third goalkeeper for FC Barcelona and also a goalkeeper for Barça B, spoke in an interview about his situation at the club. In addition, the Spaniard referred to Marc-André ter Stegen, his idol and the goal that helps him every day to be better

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The newspaper 'Sport' was with Iñaki Crag, third goalkeeper of the FC Barcelona and also guardameta title of the Barça B. The Spanish left clear that he feels player of the filial in spite of training each day with the greater from does years. "I seat me player of the Barça B because I am player of the Barça B. It is a prize train with the first team, does me improve and value what means to learn of the best goalkeepers. I am conscious that train with Ter Stegen and Net is an unreal world because they are of the best goalkeepers of the world", commented.

Although his dream is can consolidate in the first team some day, is fully conscious that with Ter Stegen and Net his place is the filial. "It is clear that with Marc or Net, my place is in the Barça B to be able to have minutes. I said that yes, that wanted to play in the filial. It is paramount to have minutes each day and am happy with García Pepper", affirmed, leaving clear that for now conforms with being able to be important in Second B.

In this sense, cleared that in summer had interesting offers to leave yielded, but that at the end decided that the best was to follow training with the Barcelona and go down the weekends with the filial. ​"Already we carry some years that the third goalkeeper of the first team is the one of the filial. In summer had the option to go out yielded, but at the end could not do. They said me then to go down to play the parties with the Barça B and accepted it loved. It is paramount to have minutes and am grateful", signalled.

On the other hand, elogió the figure of Ter Stegen, that for him has been a teacher these last years. ​"Like person is a ten, attentive, gives you councils, is always pending of what do, in improving, asks you... Has a feeling that appreciates . I learn a lot with him and it is a luck because it is the best of the world", aimed. In relation to this, left clear that for the time being the germano is his idol, the same that in the past went it Víctor Valdés.

Víctor Valdés was my idol in the past. When I began to play of goalkeeper was my referent and always me fixed in him. Valdés is a banner of the goalkeepers of the Masia. Of small want to be as he, debut and win titles", declared on the Catalan. "But now I fix me in Ter Stegen. Before it signed by the Barça did not know it a lot, but soon saw his level. His character, personality and quality are of number one", said, in reference to the of Mönchengladbach.

The fortresses and weaknesses of Crag

Finally, it spoke of his fortresses under sticks and also recognised that it has to improve by high. "It is difficult to speak of one same, but would say that I am calm, hit in the taking of decisions and with sense of the responsibility. Technically I try to be very placed and with good concepts. Also it is necessary to know read the parties from the goal and the movements of the rivals. But I am still very young and always there are things to improve. The aerial game, know when it is necessary to give the pelotazo or choose to the mate to play", concluded.

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