The players of the Barça celebrate the first goal of Depay like culé


The Barça wins to the Girona (3-1) and Depay premières like goleador culé

Published:24/07/2021 - 20:50h

Updated:24/07/2021 - 21:19h

The FC Barcelona has signed his second victory of the pre-season, in front of the Girona, thanks to the goals of Gerard Hammered, Rey Minaj and Memphis Depay

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The FC Barcelona follows with good feelings! In the second party of the pre-season 2021-2022 and in the debut of Memphis Depay like Barcelona player, the ones of Ronald Koeman won to the Girona thanks to the goals of Gerard Hammered and Rey Manaj, to counter the so much that annotated Samu Saiz from the point penalti. The culés continue with a big staged and with the more youngsters enchufadísimos.

In the first compasses of the clash, any team dared neither risked of more. The crash was very equalised and, in fact, went the Girona the one who gave the first warning to the ones of Koeman. In the minute 12, Stuani received in the small area after a big started of Samu Saiz, to break to Hammered in the area. The one of the Girona crossed the balloon with the right-handed and Iñaki Crag had to fly to pull and avoid what went to be a very clear goal of the visitors.

However, between more possession of the balloon that had the Barça, more confidence won to approach to the area defended by Juan Carlos. Demir Signed a big manoeuvre after receiving the esfério in the frontal, to drive and look for his shot with the left-handed, but the defenders of the Girona finished closing his approach and commanding the balloon to the corner. From there, the game was for the Barcelona and in the 20', Miguel Ángel Ortiz pitó a penal in favour of the ones of Koeman.

Balde Had gone in by the side of the area and demolished him a zagero inside the area. Gerard Hammered was the attendant to confront expensive to face with Juan Carlos, but the guardameta guessed his shot easily. Nevertheless, after having touched the balloon to clear it, the refuse fell in the arm while it fell and finished going in to the goal. The Barça followed presionando of face to the rival area and within a matter of minutes fell the second.

Mortimer Had arrived with too much comfort to the background line by the left band and put a taut balloon and raso to the first stick, where was Rey Manaj to mark his fourth so much of the pre-season and increase the advantage in the marker for the Barcelona. However, the joy did not last him a lot to the canterano (neither to the Barça) because it saw forced to abandon the terrain of game to consequence of some physical annoyances.

The Girona took advantage of the advantage númerica in the field and approached more to the area of Iñaki Crag. The ones of Miguel Ángel Sánchez were presionando more and dejaron a balloon bounced in the area that Mortimer cleared with the hand, causing the penal second of the afternoon that Samu Saiz defined to perfection to it panenka in front of the goalkeeper of the Barça B.

Debut of Depay with goal

In front of the injury of Manaj, Memphis Depay debuted officially with the FC Barcelona dressing the number nine to his backs. In the first minutes in the field left good feelings, but went in the beginning of the second part where was more dangerous of face to the rival area, although the Girona began tightening.

In the 53', Juan Carlos signed a big exit to cover an attempt of cession of Sergi Roberto to Depay inside the area that, if it hunted it the neerladés, went to be goal surely. Three minutes afterwards, Memphis took action and received in the frontal, recortó and kicked, but his shot was blocked by the rivals. Miralem Pjanic Also wanted to add to the party and commanded a latigazo very hard that surpassed to the guardameta and touched in the crossbar.

The ones of Ronald Koeman followed looking for the sentence of the party and in the 63', Depay received the ball of backs to goal but finished atorándose. Griezmann, shortly after, commanded a powerful shot that was him went in the area. 'The Principito' followed to the threaten and looked for a pass of the death from the background line, but the guardameta covered well. The connection between the French and Dutch followed giving fruits and in the 80', Griezmann commanded a balloon from the band dercha that did not hunt by little Memphis.

Of so much insist, the Dutch finished 'wetting' from the eleven metres. In the minute 85, a player of the Girona avoided an autopase of Griezmann refusing the balloon with the manó and the referee pitó a penal that earned Memphis Depay a derechazo very strong that touched Juan Carlos, but did not reach to clear and went in to the square to seal the second victory of the culés in the pre-season.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 3-1 Girona

  • FC Barcelona: Iñaki Crag, Dest, Hammered (min. 60, Lenglet), Umtiti (min. 45, Arnau Commas), Balde; Nico González, Riqui Puig (min. 60, Pjanic), Sergi Roberto (min. 60, Of Jong); Demir (min. 60, Pablo Gavira), Rey Manaj (min. 42, Memphis Depay) and Nils Mortimer (min. 60, Griezmann).
  • Girona: Juan Carlos, Terrats, Stuani (min. 36, Ureña), Samu Saiz, Juanpe (min. 45, Espinosa), Valery, Jairo (min. 45, Izquierdo), Calavera (min. 45, Chaira), Gumbau, Ibrahima Kebé (min. 60, Pau Víctor) and Arnau.
  • Referee: Miguel Ángel Ortiz Arias
  • Incidences: corresponding friendly Party to the pre-season 2021-2022
  • Goals of the party: 1-0, Gerard Hammered (p), (min. 21); 2-0, Rey Manaj (min. 24); 2-1, Samu Saiz (p) (min.42); 3-1, Memphis Depay (p) (min. 85)

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