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When and where see the Juventus vs FC Barcelona - Pre-season

Published:17/07/2017 - 01:02h

Updated:23/07/2017 - 01:57h

When and where see the Juventus-Barcelona? Here you have the international guide with the schedules and the channels of television that broadcast in direct and on-line the party of the International Champions Cup 2017

Tickets for FC Barcelona matches

Football Club Barcelona and Juventus of Turín confront in the Metlife Stadium of New York the Saturday 22 July to the 18:00 hours (00.00 in Spain). The meeting corresponds to the first day of the International Champions Cup 2017 and will be the première of the new Barça of Valverde in a pre-season of maximum requirement: 3 parties in 10 dias, against Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

In Spain, can see in direct the party Barça-Juventus from the 00:00 (morning of the Saturday 22 to the Sunday 23 July) through the channels Four and TV3 (channels in open  of TV of the TDT) and on-line in Internet in the webs of FourMitele and Esport3 (can see the party free and from any PC, tablet or smartphone).

Besides, different international channels offer to see the party through his platforms (signal of TV in open or of payment according to country). These are the world-wide schedules and the channels of television that broadcast live and on-line the meeting Juventus-Barcelona, but if in your country does not issue can follow it here: IN DIRECT Juventus-Barcelona

Schedules and TV of the Juventus vs FC Barcelona in America

In United States, the first day of the International Champions Cup 2017 between Barcelona and Juventus will be able to see live from the 06:00 PM (Washington) and the 03:00 PM (Los Angeles), through the following channels: ESPN and ESPN Sports.

In Sudamérica, Centroamérica, Caribbean, Mexico and Brazil, the party of pre-season Barcelona against Juventus can see live in the following channels and schedules: 

Country Schedule Channels of Television
Argentina 07:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)
Bolivia 06:00 PM Tigo Sports
Brazil 07:00 PM Without confirming
Canada 06:00 PM Without confirming
Chile 06:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)
Colombia 05:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)
C.Rich 04:00 PM Without confirming
Cuba 06:00 PM Without confirming
Ecuador 05:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)
The.Salvador 04:00 PM Without confirming
States.Joined 06:00 - 03:00 ESPN, ESPN Sports
Guatemala 04:00 PM Without confirming
Honduras 04:00 PM Without confirming
Mexico 05:00 PM ESPN International
Nicaragua 04:00 PM Without confirming
Panama 05:00 PM Without confirming
Paraguay 06:00 PM Tigo Sports
Peru 05:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)
Port.Rico 06:00 PM Without confirming
R.Dominican 06:00 PM Without confirming
Uruguay 07:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)
Venezuela 06:00 PM DIRECTV Sports (610-619)

When and where see all the parties of the Barcelona?

Here you can consult the information on the calendar of the FC Barcelona in all the competitions (Pre-season, Gamper, Supercopa of Spain, League, Glass and Champions League), and the schedules and the list of webs and channels of television where see in direct his parties.
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