The Brazilian publishes an image with all the titles of his list of winners

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Alves Answers to Christian with a catalogue of all his titles

Published:19/01/2016 - 09:21h

Updated:9/03/2016 - 13:12h

The right side of the FC Barcelona, Dani Alves, answered during the morning of this Monday to the words of Cristiano Ronaldo in mixed zone this past Sunday, when it said that it did not want to give "advertising free" to the Brazilian, publishing a "catalogue" with all his titles

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The dialectic battle between Cristiano Ronaldo and Dani Alves, that began does some weeks the Brazilian side of the FC Barcelona when ensuring in an interview that the Portuguese of the Real Madrid is a "character" when wanting to be always the protagonist in everything, would have lived a new episode during the morning of this Monday. And it is that this past Sunday, after the goleada of the Real Madrid to the Sporting of Gijón in Santiago Bernabéu, the Portuguese star ensured that it did not want to give "advertising free" to Dani Alves speaking on what said of him.

This morning, Dani Alves has answered with an image that says more than one thousand words, in which they remain collected all the titles of his impressive list of winners, obtained with Seville, FC Barcelona and selection of Brazil, a "catalogue" of trophies to the that Cristiano Ronaldo never will be able to aspire to the have not succeeded with Portugal and neither the half of the success with the Real Madrid that Alves has had, to level of titles, with the Barça. Humillante Hit of the Brazilian to the Portuguese in the networks, where Alves has hanged the image does some hours, having done viral already the message.

"It is normal that speak of Cris. All the world that speaks of me, appears in cover the next day. I do not go to speak badly of any mine mate of profession. I do not give promotion free", expressed Christian on Dani Alves, in some words that went back to do gala of his egocentrism.

Dani Alves Has answered with three Champions League, five Leagues, a Glass America, two Europe League, four Glass of Rey, five Supercopa of Spain, three World-wide of Clubs, a Glass Confederations and four Supercopa of Europe. Now, only it is missing to know if Cristiano Ronaldo will prolong the "dialectic war" in his next apparition in the media. Alves, sure, is rubbing already the hands thinking in how go back to leave him in ridiculous.

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