The trainer of the real madrid conceded an interview the Friday

Benítez: "That forbade to drink beer to Bouquets? Idioteces"

Benítez: "That forbade to drink beer to Bouquets? Idioteces"

Published:30/10/2015 - 19:21h


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The trainer of the Real Madrid, Rafa Benítez, conceded an interview in which it cleared some informations related with the white group that have appeared lately in the media. "That forbade to drink beer to Sergio Bouquets? What imbecilidad"

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In statements conceded during an interview been supported by "RNE", Rafa Benítez spoke of diverse subjects related with the Real Madrid and with his lace like trainer in the club "merengue" since it began the season 2015-16. In the first place, it did not want to put note. "It does not like me put me note because to a trainer judges him at the end, when it carries a time working and achieves or no the aims. We are in the initial part, in the principle of a big project". And it left clear that is not so unkind as they paint it the means:

"I have read that say that Benítez controls until the oil of the salads. Or that Benítez forbade him drink beer to Sergio Bouquets; it is another imbecilidad", commented. Benítez Does not think that the fans of the Real Madrid ask the excellence regarding game, but simply win the parties and that the players leave the skin on the field. "The fan asks him that it win, that deliver to the maximum and that play well. To all the madridistas likes them the of Santillana, Of the Forest, Juanito. They have to deliver to the maximum, win and play well. We have played well in some parties. It said the of the difficult week... And we did a partidazo in Paris. Afterwards they said the same. Difficult week...".

It ensured that it is likely that James Rodríguez was quoted by Colombia for the parties of November. "If a player is lesionado, will travel so that it check . But if it is recovered, are forced to yield him to his selection. We can not do at all. What have done has been to inform to the doctor, to the preparador physical and to the fisioterapeuta of what occurs. And afterwards the seleccionador will put him more or less minutes. This no longer can it control, by law".

"Here we tighten a bit with him because it wants to play with the Madrid and with Colombia and went back to hurt. We lost time. Now we are in the same, but still is missing him a point of competition. If it recovers it will go with his selection. And the same will happen with Casemiro or Bleat. Against The Palms will not be. I have spoken with him. And the best is that it recover and train with the team. Ojalá Put five goals with Colombia and that avenges healthy".

It did not want to subtract merits to Keylor Navas, but stood out that it would like him that it took part less in the parties. "To me it likes me ensalzar to my team and not removing merits to anybody. I want to that it take part little and do it well. It would like me that it took part less, but memory that is between the four to which less throw". It left clear that does not have any problem with Sergio Bouquets.

"It is an excellent footballer, with character, the captain, one of which throws of the car with me. There is not problem with him. The well that has carry a lot of years of trainer is that I am calm". When they asked after him if Cristiano Ronaldo is or no the best player to the that has trained, this time did not doubt: "Yes, yes, yes, yes", it repeated between laughs. Precisely on the Portuguese, signalled that it expects that it play always. "It is conscious that it has to give the maximum, but physically is very good, dosifica and recovers very well. It can play more split that many".

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