Daniele Orsato expelling to Sergio Bouquets in the Madrid-City


Orsato makes history: Penalty and red card to Madrid in Champions at Bernabéu

Published:27/02/2020 - 10:01h

Updated:27/02/2020 - 10:01h

Daniele Orsato, referee of Madrid-City, made history this Wednesday by pointing out a penalty for the first time in the Champions League and expelling a Real Madrid player from Santiago Bernabéu. No colleague had ever done both

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The Real Madrid could not with the Manchester City this Wednesday and left trace back in hardly seven minutes when it remained less than a chamber of hour for the end of the party. The whites won 1-0 with goal of Isco to pass of Vinicius when Gabriel Jesus empató in the 78 in an error of Sergio Bouquets, that concerned more than that they signalled him lacking in favour that to defend to the Brazilian. Hardly five minutes later, Dani Carvajal did him an absurd penalti to Sterling that Kevin of Bruyne transformed without problem.

But in case it was not little with this disastrous 1-2, Bouquets topped his abysmal performance when demolishing to Gabriel Jesus and finish in the street. The central hardly touched to the ex of the Palmeiras, but the tip finish in the floor by this slight contact by behind, and when being the last defender the referee had to throw to the captain merengue. With this action, Daniele Orsato made history in Santiago Bernabéu, as it aimed the journalist Pedro Martín little later.

It seems to be that any referee in the history of the League of Champions had expelled never to a madridista in his stadium in the same party in which also it signalled them a penalti against. The one of Montecchio Maggiore is the first that does both things at the same time in the Bernabéu. It is a curious way to happen to the annals of the football, but Orsato already can boast to having done something that any colleague of profession had done never.

That to the Italian have not shivered him the pulse to the hour to do this has a very evident explanation dress his path. According to data of the mentioned journalist previously, Orsato is the less home-made referee of the Champions League. In his career, has directed 30 meetings to domicile that saldan with 9 local victories, 3 ties and neither more neither less than 18 triumphs visitors. In Europe is tremendously odd this, since the arbitrations are used to to throw something more for the ones of house in too many occasions.

The Madrid complained of the referee's performance

The Madrid, in fact, complained bitterly of the three played controversial that signalled the Italian. In the goal of Gabriel Jesus, the central sevillano and all his mates asked fault of Brazilian for pushing mildly by behind during the jump of the defender. The contact was very slight and the one of Montecchio Maggiore did not see it like something antirreglamentario, something that bothered to a lot of madridistas. Later, in the penalti of Carvajal, some say that Sterling is throwing before the Madrilenian contact with him. Finally, in the red to Bouquets, there is the one who says that the contact is so slight that the '4' would not have to have finish in the street.

In spite of all these complaints, the reality is that the arbitration of the Italian in the Bernabéu was not too controversial, since any of the played are clamorosas. The push of Gabriel Jesus is interpretable, the penalti seems clear throw or no Sterling and the red, in spite of not having a lot of contact, neither is too debatable for being the last man. In definite, the Madrid did not lose by Orsato and yes because the City was better and more effective.

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