Real Madrid against the Sheriff in the UEFA Champions League


The Real Madrid does the ridiculous in the Bernabéu in front of a modest Sheriff 1-2

Published:28/09/2021 - 22:53h

Updated:29/09/2021 - 03:13h

The ones of Ancelotti suffered a bitter defeat in his second party of the Champions 1-2 in front of a Sheriff that was saved in more than an occasion by his guardameta

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The Sheriff moldavo attained to assault Santiago Bernabéu defeating sorpresivamente to the Real Madrid 1-2. They were the goals annotated by Yakhshiboev, Benzema, in addition to the unemployed constants of Giorgio Athanasiadis, those that finished for deciding the party.

The first ten minutes of the party began with the ones of Ancelotti launching to the attack, although they did not attain to connect the centres and assistances to be able to complete shots to the arch of his rivals.

The situation along the party continued of the same way, but the intensity of the party began to increase , even arrived to finish in the floor Camavinga, Vinícius, and Hazard in encontronazos with his rivals by the control of the ball, although the referee did not signal that there was lacking

The first clear of the party had it Benzema. The French attained to make a precise shot to the arch of the guardameta of the Sheriff, Giorgio Athanasiadis, but that it could be intercepted by the Greek goalkeeper. The merengues starred another moment of danger after Valverde and Camavinga went up to the area taking advantage of an oversight of the central of the Sheriff, although, again, did not attain to define the played neither make another shot to the arch.

The moment of the goal

Although the Madrid led the offensive, all his game remained of head in the minute 25 of the first-half product of the goal annotated by the forward uzbeko, Jasurbek Yakhshiboev. The attacker took advantage of one against in what it saw a brecha by the right lane and shoot to the arch of Courtois without that this had opportunity to detain it.

In spite of the reverse in the marker, the ones of Ancelotti continued attacking to look for the goal of the tie. Hazard And Benzema had another opportunity in another incursion to the area of his rivals. The French shot again to the arch of the Sheriff, but again was detained by Athanasiadis in the minute 30.

In spite of having an advantage in the marker, the ones of the Sheriff no desaprovechaban any opportunity or error of the madridistas to treat to like the deference in the marker. Tolgo of this saw in the minute 32 afterwards of an error of Coutois that put him the balloon in the legs of Yakhshiboev, but this time could not shoot directly to the arch of the guardameta Belgian.

Attack merengue

The whites attained arrinconar to the ones of the Sheriff, Nacho, Vinicius, and again Benzema already had attained to arrive to the arch for when already the party went by the minute 40. Again, the French had another shot to the arch that attained to be intercepted by Athanasiadis.

Three minutes afterwards, the goalkeeper of the Sheriff went back to save to his team after detaining another shot, but that it was done by Casemiro. What remained of the first time did not have more clear occasions for any.

The second half

The second half passed of a similar form to the one of the first, with the Madrid trying control the party, but without having moments of danger. This changed in the minute 56 when Hazard again shot to the arch of the Sheriff for again be detained by Athanasiadis.

The goal of the tie

The merengues continued besieging to the Sheriff, but without attaining have more shots to the arch. This changed in the minute 64 product of a fault on Vinicius in the area in the minute 62. After the referee of the party consulted with the VAR pitó a penalti that was earned by Benzema in the minute 65 with which attained to equalise the marker 1-1. The shot of the French could not be detained by the Greek in this occasion.

The siege of the whites

The marker was equalised, but the merengues seemed to refuse totally the possibility to go empatados being the venues. In the minute 72, to the white midfield player, Bruno Churches, was him cancelled a goal by position advanced.

In spite of the incessant attacks of the Madrid to the area of the Sherif and the shots to the arch of Modric and Militao when they went 77 minutes of the party, were not able to surpass to an Athanasiadis that seemed infranqueable for the led by Ancelotti.

Later, they would follow him Rodrygo, Jovic and Vinícius when only they were missing ten minutes to finish the duel, but were not able that his shots went to the arch of his rivals.

The second goal of the Sheriff

Although the Real Madrid had big part of the possession of the spherical and was the one who played fundamentally to the offensive, the ones of the Sheriff took out benefit to each occasion that saw in sight for contratacar. It was as well as in the minute 89 attained to go up in the marker 1-2 thanks to Sébastien Thill.

One against taken advantage of by the moldavos in this moment allowed them arrive with rapidity to the area protected by Courtois and the midfield player oriundo of Luxembourg sentenced the party with a shot to the arch that could not be detained by the guardameta Belgian.

A bitter end

After the second so much, and in spite of having six minutes of time added, the madridistas seemed to lose the push that had along the second time, and like this kept the party until the pitazo final.

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