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Real Madrid does not give in to Sergio Ramos and takes his departure for granted

Published:29/01/2021 - 08:34h

Updated:29/01/2021 - 08:34h

Sergio Ramos ends his contract with Real Madrid in June 2021 and he has not yet renewed. Madrid would have already made his renewal proposal and the camero would have rejected it, so the club assumes that he will leave for free

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The future of Sergio Bouquets in the Real Madrid​ seems to be increasingly clear and in the last informations that have gone out on the subject takes for granted that the camero goes to leave. This Thursday, in the newspaper 'ABC' confirmed that Florentino Pérez already has moved him his proposal of renewal and that does not go to move a finger more by him. The central refused the ofrecimiento and since there would have been any communication between club and footballer.

But in the morning of the Thursday to the Friday, Josep Pedrerol would have gone further still ensuring that in the Madrid "take for granted" that the defender goes to leave. "That Bouquets do not expect a call of Florentino. The Real Madrid already did him an offer, Florentino said him what could offer him and asked him that it recessed the index card a ten percent, something that asked to all the staff. Sergio refused it and in the club take for granted that it is working in his exit", said the presenter in 'The Chiringuito'.

It seems to be that the offer of the president madridista was to sign him two years going down the wage 10% to struggle against the economic crisis that there is in the club. The defender refused the proposal and asked more than what the merengues were had to offer. The alternative of the maximum white mandator was to offer him a renewal by a year keeping him the same wage that wins now, that is on the 15 million euros, roughly, but the sevillano also said "no".

For this reason, Florentino Pérez would give by safe his exit, since the own Bouquets confirmed him after the mentioned conversation that went to begin to listen offers. In the Madrid are had to leave to go out to his captain without putting any fetter and will not do any ofrecimiento more than here to final of campaign. If the player wants to, the two proposals that gave him are still in the table, but from the club will not give any step more.

On the other hand, in 'El País' went out an information that ensured that Sergio had communicated him to his president that had an offer of some 20 annual millions of Paris Saint-Germain. The answer of the maximum mandator merengue was conclusive and answered him that it gladdened by him. Afterwards, Pérez called to Nasser To the-Khelaïfi to confirm this and the president of the PSG denied taxativamente that had spoken with the central.

The Madrid does not go to yield in front of the threats of Bouquets

It thinks that the camero is presionando to the Madrid with the offer of the PSG to try take out a better agreement, but seems that it does not go him to work. The club has very clear that does not go to throw the house by the window by a lot that it was the captain and an alive legend madridista. The survival of the entity is more important that he and Florentino only will renew him if it accepts the propositions that have explained in this news. If it says "no", the whites will leave him go out without putting an alone but.

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