Reinier Jesus in a party with the Borussia Dortmund


The Real Madrid wants to amend his error and move to Reinier of the Dortmund

Published:20/01/2021 - 00:55h

Updated:20/01/2021 - 00:55h

Reinier Jesús, at present in the Borussia Dortmund, would be another of the pieces of the future that the Real Madrid would look for to take him out of the absence of minutes in which he finds

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From the capital of Spain affirm that the Real Madrid is not at all content with the little prominence that has had the young midfield player Reinier Jesús, of so alone 18 of years of age, in the Borussia Dortmund. It is thus, that the whites will not lose time in moving it of the club in this same market of winter, if possible. The case is very resembled what happened with the Japanese Take Kubo, the one who already arrived to the Getafe, where will look for to see more action under the orders of José Bordalás, after his go through the Villarreal.

Valladolid or Valencia are the strongest candidates that sound to do with Reinier, but according to the information advanced by the daily Sportive World, the whites would prefer to not to move it of Germany and facilitate a change to a team of the same Bundesliga. However, from the breast of the blanquivioletas, affirm that the own Ronaldo Nazario -owner of the club- has got obsessed with his compatriot and has gone in in career to by him, taking in account besides that voices linked to the Brazilian player have filtered that this does not want to play in Mestalla.

For the group of Pucela neither the situation poses him easy, this because the intention of Reinier would be to remain in the Dortmund, where thinks can trascend and obtain prominence in a club that considers is vitrina of the Bundesliga and of Europe, since they are still in career in the current UEFA Champions League. Claro, all this is very beautiful, if in definite the player has the security that his panorama will change of here to what subtracts of the season. Something, that the own Reinier knows, is not safe.

On the other hand, Javi Gracia, trainer of Valencia, does not give by lost the career in front of the need of dinamitar to the team and avoid the descent. In this sense, the orange group wants to give exit to Kang-inLee , the one who does not want to renew, and deliver it to the Salzburgo. This exit would open the door to Reinier. Besides, Peter Lim, the owner of Che, also is particularly interested in attaining do with the Brazilian.

The bad decision

Reinier Has remained out of the announcement in the two last parties of Bundesliga and does not play from the past 12 December. The more controversial of his case, is that evidently it has been a bad decision of the Real Madrid yield it to the Dortmund, since they were conscious that this situation could present in front of the brutal competition that exists in the group germano.

To complicate his situation, the muscular annoyances have not left to establish to the Brazilian and infected with COVID-19 when it seemed to hold flight. Of agreement to the journalist Iván Martín, another of the difficulties that is facing the index card madridista is the language. In spite of that encourages in learning it, has been another of the barriers that are hindering his adaptation.

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