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The gruesome reason for Luka Jovic's injury

Published:13/05/2020 - 00:08h

Updated:13/05/2020 - 00:26h

Luka Jovic Was diagnosed the past Friday of a fracture extraarticular in the bone calcaneum of the right foot and the supposed reason of the injury was to fall of a terrace

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Luka Jovic Was one of the players that the FC Barcelona followed during months during the past season. Finally, the Barcelona technical office descartó to the Serbian forward by two reasons: one, the economic, since the Eintracht of Frankfurt asked 60 million euros and from the Camp Nou considered that it did not cost them; the second, that preferred bet by Antoine Griezmann.

Like this the things, finally the destination of the Serbian forward was the Real Madrid, that yes paid to the German club what asked him by him. However, before the stop, his performance was not to the height of the expectations that generated his signing and Jovic could not strengthen in the plans of Zinedine Zidane, that preferred to bet before by Benzema, Vinícius or even Mariano Díaz.

If to sportive level the things are not him going well to Jovic since it arrived to Santiago Bernabéu, his esperpénticos scandals extradeportivos plant him in a still worse situation. In the first place because, it does some weeks, turned into the centre of the criticisms for jumping the quarantine in Serbia, his natal country, to the that travelled after receiving permission of his club and give negative in the test by coronavirus.

In this occasion, the Balkan had to head to his compatriots to give explanations after the sucedido. But the worst was for arriving and the past Friday was diagnosticadode a fracture extraarticular in the bone calcaneum of the right foot that will keep him out of the terrains of game during the next months,​ what supposes a horrifying news.

But the more esperpéntico, definitely, is the reason of his injury. According to the informations published by the Balkan newspaper Kurir, a near source to the family desveló the reason of the accident. "It was really injured! It fell of a terrace, do not know how explain it to you, do not understand as it happened. It was an accident", parafraseó the half in mouth of his source.

The words of the father of Jovic

Milan Jovic, father of the player, spoke on it sucedido for said newspaper. "it was preparing In his house following the program of trainings that sent the club and during an exercise felt a big pain", explained, although adding that "I can not say at all, came an order of the club that anybody, not even Luka, could say at all". Another stone more on the way in white of Jovic.

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