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The insults of Florentino Pérez to the idols of Real Madrid, in summary

Published:16/07/2021 - 22:44h

Updated:16/07/2021 - 22:44h

Florentino Pérez has been the big protagonist in the last days, after the controversial audios that has taken out to the light the newspaper 'The Confidential'

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The president of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, has been in the centre of the controversy by his controversial 'confessions' and insults against of several legends of the White House. In the last week, the newspaper 'The Confidential' has commissioned to take out to the light all the insults, critical and messages that desprestigian to the idols of the madridismo.

Few have saved of the criticisms of the maximum mandator 'merengue'. Of Raúl González to Cristiano Ronaldo, going through Iker Boxes, José Mourinho, Fabio Coentrãor, Mesut Özil, Vicente Of the Forest, among others, without overlooking the 'darts' that has commanded to the press and different journalists. Although the messages of Florentino Pérez were recorded in past years, continue generating controversial and resentment in the breast of the fans of the Real Madrid. To continuation, review all his audios:

Raúl and Boxes, the first abused

The two eternal captains of the White House, Raúl González and Iker Boxes were the first in carrying 'sticks' of the president, the one who designated them like "the two big swindles of the Madrid". The ex forward, in fact, went one of the reasons by which resigned in 2006 and blamed him of 'shatter' to the team. "Raúl is bad, thinks that the Madrid is his and uses all what there is in the Madrid, all what has developed, for his own profit. He and his representative. The culprit that the Madrid go badly... It looks, I have gone me between other things by him", said.

"Boxes is like a perrito faldero, is like a monigote, a childish thing".

However, Boxes was the one who carried more 'sticks' of Florentino. It aimed that "Boxes, poor man, does not have common sense, I know him perfectly, is a very short uncle and besides notices him when it carries better or worse with his girlfriend, is absent, is a small boy, is like a perrito faldero, is like a monigote, a childish thing".

Besides, it signalled that the one of Móstoles "does not have neither height, neither sees well. The party where played us the League against the Barcelona... It arrived late and I was there, came to speak with his girlfriend, had argued", referring to his ex couple Sara Carbonero, of which said that "but this aunt, I no me fío a peel. This aunt, these aunts, already know to what go… go back crazy, go to the fame. Because this aunt thinks that is an artist of cinema".

'Sticks' to the Portuguese

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the maximum referent of the history of the Real Madrid, but no thus it saved of the contempt of Pérez. "It is crazy. This uncle is an imbécil, a patient. You think that you this uncle is normal, but is that it is not normal, if no, would not do all the things that does. The last foolishness that did, that saw it all the world-wide world... Why you think that it does this foolishness?", it highlighted.

To 'CR7' abused it, also, beside José Mouriho, "these are two abnormal, because we are speaking of a lot of money in the terrain of the rights of image. Besides, with this face that have, with this challenging way, that fall him badly to all the world... If the advertising is the contrary, is all the contrary!", it said the Madrilenian.

The agent Jorge Mendes neither rid . "Mendes Does not command at all in him. The same that it does not command at all in Mourinho. Zero patatero. Until for the interviews. At all, neither puto case. These are uncles with an ego terrible, malcriados the two, the netrenador and he, and do not see the reality, because the two could win much more money if they went of another way".

Words to Figo and Guti

Regarding Luis Figo, that 'stole' to the FC Barcelona, Florentino Pérez put it in the same level that Raúl González by the 'damage that did him to the Madrid, in his opinion. "Figo is the one who fucks the changing room. It has been a son of a bitch, as Raúl. The two worse have been Figo and Raúl", aseveró.

"Figo is the one who fucks the changing room. It has been a son of a bitch, as Raúl"

José María Gutiérez, better known as 'Guti', also carried the his. "It is a jeta, is like a goat and the worst enemy is he of himself same. It is him very employed to the Be for wanting to hire to a subnormal. If it is a subnormal! And the Cope equal, will leave him hanged, will not go".

Hard messages on Coentrãor and Özil

On the Portuguese side, said that "that is tolili. That is one of the effects of the Madrid. It is another that does not have head and to these uncles the Madrid eats them to him. Right now it is crapped and Mourinho is an imbécil. It is not that it do not want to play... Well, it is a poquito subnormal. It drives without carnet... Said this, has overwhelmed him the pressure and this is to be patient. But to the another gives him the same that it was ill because it kills it. You are a shit".

Özil Carried the 'stick' more personal, directly related with his private life and with intervention of Mourinho: "This wine here with a girlfriend. Well, east is... This is of those with 21 years... It comes, they are of these of third Turkish generation, began the party and she said... And well, and it discovers Madrid, male. Or it was, neither Turkish, neither polla. Neither third generation, neither the girlfriend. It commands him to the girlfriend to take by culo and changes of life. enamora Of an Italian model, of Milan", began saying.

"Then it took a private aeroplane. It went here. It threw him a dust and went back and do not know what, and already a day touches him the eggs to the Mourinho, that is very funny and says him: "it Hears, this... Ozil", the sea bream", related, commenting the intervention of 'Mou': "they called Him the sea bream, says: "you leave Me that I speak you in confidence as if it was your father?" And the another "Claro", the poor youngster and says him "Yes, clear". "It looks, this aunt with which salts has it to him follado all the Inter, all the Milan, included the technical body of both teams". And I think that the sea bream as well as saying... Now, I finish it leaving. Fix you if it is animal of acorns that... It says: "included the technical body"...".

Of the Forest, the one who was not trainer...

Vicente Of the Forest revolutionised to the Madrid and won it almost everything in Santiago Bernabéu, but for Florentino was one of the big lies of the football. "To Of the Forest do not offer him work do not offer him work because all the world knows that it is not trainer. The world of the football knows that it is not trainer, fuck. The big problem is Of the Forest; Camacho is trainer, is not of big team. The of the Of the Forest is the biggest lie that have seen in my life. Neither it has trained in his life, neither knows to train, neither knows to direct people, neither knows of tactics, neither knows of physicist... It does not know at all it is a zoquete!", it left clear.

All the 'sticks' to the press

The president of the Madrid devoted several messages, filled of poison, to the Spanish press, beginning with that "it is necessary to win the battle of the Mark and of Spanish Television. And with this isolate, no to El País, that does not carry badly, but to Relaño and Of the Dark. The Rondo does not go to exist more. If it is by months brushes it to him immediately. If it is by seasons, it will be necessary to expect to the summer. Luis Fernández is Taliban madridista. Already it removed him the agreement to Roberto Gómez, for putting a detail. The Rondo will not exist more. It goes to be a program madridista of Ferreras".

The employer continued saying that "it does not remain us more than the Mark. Now it is necessary to take to the Mark, male. Because with the Mark and the Spanish Television finish everything. No longer they have to anybody and besides to the others will give them shame remain alone, because right now the Mark accompanies them. It is acojonante. What has done the Mark is an unworthy and miserable thing and what has done Spanish Television being public... But The Rondo will finish because here there is a wise uncle, that is Luis Fernández. This half goes to go well".

The journalists neither saved

Tomás Roncero, Eduardo Inda and Alfredo Relaño were others to which Pérez 'loaded': "All against Haste. Today it can do. And the of Roncero? If somebody says him something to Roncero creases ... It is that in the demand that it is necessary to go now once that it raise the secret of summary... It is necessary to go to by him. It is necessary to go penalmente to by Roncero", said to a journalist madridista.

Also it aimed that "I said him to Inda: 'Speech well of the footballers, fuck. If this is the Madrid. But no of the president if anybody wants to see me. If you write that it is do not know what of the 21st century and afterwards your readers see that they have given him a hostia public... What go to think of you. They go to think that you are silly. You lose prestige in the newspaper", continued.

"We go to see, I have been in the of Rey and now in the inauguration of the of Telefónica, that I have done the work and was this also. Antonio has said me: 'Please, Florentino, help me to put in footpath to Inda'. And I say him 'If it can not be, if it is grown. But if it puts in the photos he, but if it goes of trip... If it has considered an important uncle... If it is crazy. The only that likes him is to appear. It hears, it is of director by Antonio and by me, that presionamos to Pedro J"

It highlighted that Rolaño hates him and that "I am president for the second time against of his will. That is not my fellow. I respect to all, but is a mine enemy declared total. And Matallanas also, do not make a mistake", explained.

Finally, it said that "my man is the 'Ferri'. I take him out of the group Haste because it already hates to the group Haste. Ferreras Is a big professional. It is an uncle honoured and honest and these are some sectarian of the hostia. To part, that I the hate, do not go you to deceive.. You say him 'Do this that can fuck him to Cebrián...And pum". It is he, Contreras, Roures, Luis Fernández... All those that have worked in Haste. The ones of Haste are as they are... Some sons of bitches. But no of now. Now they are victims and are like resentful and want to kill them", sentenced.

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