"The real madrid is so big that some want to attack us"

"The Madrid is so big that some want to attack us"

"The Madrid is so big that some want to attack us"

Published:10/03/2014 - 14:12h


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Florentino Pérez has been interviewed by Jordi Évole in the program "Saved" of The Sixth, where has spoken on his influence, the big figures paid by Cristiano, Zidane and Figo and the "Pelotazo" of the Sportive City, among others subjects

In a wide interview conceded to the program "Saved" of The Sixth, Florentino Pérez has trying go out alive of the big quantity of questions of Jordi Évole, that has put him to proof asking after him the most controversial questions related with the president of the Real Madrid. In the first place, the director of ACS has defended that in the loge of Santiago Bernabéu "do not do businesses, transmit values", clearing that "the Real Madrid is so big that some want to attack us. Some want to influence whereas the partners only want to be the owners of our destination".

On the costly signings made during his previous stage like president madridista, justifies them precisely by economic questions. "The Madrid ingresaba 100 million euros and lost money. With Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo happen of 100 to 300 millions". And besides, it signals his good relation with the FC Barcelona. "To me they have treated me well always in Barcelona. From Gaspart that went the first that knew, afterwards Laporta, etc. all have treated me well, say it to you for real".

It has put much more on the defensive, however, when they have asked him on the "Pelotazo" of the recalificación of the terrains of the ancient Sportive City. Jordi Évole has taught him an interview with Matilde Fernández (socialist councillor of the City council of Madrid, that voted against of the recalificación), in which this ensures that one of the ends of the operation was "to pay debts of agreements with sportsmen". Matilde, besides, signals in the interview that Florentino Pérez would have offered him arguments like "the Real Madrid is a mark above the government".

Like justification to such arguments, Florentino Pérez has not doubted in soltar that "there are boys in Africa that do not have to eat and the only that have in the heart is the Real Madrid. You go by the world and is that they do not know more than the Madrid, have to say it. Now also the Barça and other teams...".

Finally, it has denied that a president of the Real Madrid command more than a minister. "I do not know who said this, seems me that it was Ramón Mendoza, but is not truth. I have been in the politics, have been in the company and have been in the sport and the power for real has in the politics. To me it is what more has liked me always, the politics. It is more, my friends say me that I am here, of president of the Real Madrid because it is the most alike that have found to the politics".

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