Clarence seedorf criticised the attitude of the Portuguese star of the real madrid

You do not lose you the "dart" of Seedorf to Cristiano Ronaldo

You do not lose you the "dart" of Seedorf to Cristiano Ronaldo

Published:24/11/2015 - 09:32h


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The Portuguese star of the Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, no only was criticised by his own fans after the bad party that made in the Classical of Santiago Bernabéu against the FC Barcelona. Other ex players, as Clarence Seedorf, condemned also the attitude of the luso

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The one who went footballer of Real Madrid and AC Milan, Clarence Seedorf, conceded this past Monday an interview to "The Party of the 12" of Chain COPE and analysed the Classical lost by goleada by the Real Madrid against the FC Barcelona in Santiago Bernabéu, saying between other things that "Christian has to give example with his statements" and defending the work of the trainer, Rafa Benítez, of the one who remembers that it arrived to two finals of the UEFA Champions League. On Cristiano Ronaldo, the Dutch commented the following:

"It has to give example with his statements, so much was as inside the changing room. Now they have to appear the leaders of the team and, beside the trainer and the president, go out forward". Clarence Seedorf lost in 2007 a final of the Champions against the Liverpool of Benítez. "It arrived to two finals of Champions with a team with a lot of less cost. It is necessary to give him time and support him". It understands that the fans of the Real Madrid was hurt after the result of the Classical.

"When the Madrid loses a Classical seems a funeral. These defeats hurt, but it is necessary to joint to surpass the things. The football is a sport of team and all are responsible. It is necessary to do self-criticism and look for the solutions home and did not go". And it trusts that the Real Madrid will know to go out of the pozo this season and do important things struggling by titles.

"Has a very competitive team, only does year and half won the Champions. I create a lot in this group, there is a lot of quality and experience. If they raise the head proudly go to struggle by the League and will keep on being favourite in the Champions". Finally, Seedorf understood perfectly the applauses of the Bernabéu to Andrés Iniesta after the magistral party of the of Fuentealbilla.

"It was just to applaud him. Speech well of Spain and of the Spanish sport". And, if by him it had been, Carlo Ancelotti would have continued at the head of the Real Madrid. "Perhaps it would be necessary to have him given continuity to Ancelotti, but already is useless to speak of this".

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