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The new regulation of the salary limit complicates the signings of Barça

Published:28/04/2022 - 21:14h

Updated:29/04/2022 - 00:24h

FC Barcelona will have to do a lot of juggling if it wants to go out on the summer transfer market, even if it is about free players or renewals. The economic control of LaLiga worsens any scenario

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In the last months have intensified the rumours of the possible signings of the FC Barcelona of face to the season 2022-2023. The irregularity of the team has forced to the culés to have presence in the next market, but the economic reality does not invite to the optimism, especially because the Barcelona entity comes with a limit salarial very negative that complicates any operation.

To half of March confirmed that the Barça had happened to have a limit salarial of 97.942 million euros to one negative of less 144.353 after the market of wintry signings. The Barcelona group, deserves to stand out, is the only team, of First and Second Division, with a negative limit. Like the club exceeds the tope salarial, only is in conditions to inscribe to new footballer costing of the article 100.

From it does a pair of summers, the rule '1 to 4' and '1 to 2' had turned into the best allies of the Barça, but now the blaugrana confront to a modification that will be a big hit to the intentions of the club to reinforce the staff of face to the summer. In any case, it is necessary to remember that the first rule referred to that by each four euros freed with a sale with plusvalías or discount salarial, can use one to inscribe to a player.

The second was the most important: The '1 to 2', used andn players that represent 5% of the total cost of the staff and allows to use the half of what free with his sale/recesses salarial. It is a rule that remains in the past, place LaLiga has deleted it and, by this market of signings of summer, has replaced it by a new rule that is quite complicated to fulfil to the hour to inscribe new footballers.

And it is that now, if it sells or it frees mass salarial with players that suppose 5% of the mass salarial, the club only will be able to allocate 33% of the saved for the registration of the new player, that is to say, of three euros saved, can use one. LaLiga Has specified that this rule will disappear from 1 September 2022, by what later only will remain in force the one of 25%.

In a practical example, if the Barça sells to Òscar Mingueza by 20 million euros, will be able to apply the rule '1 to 4, put the canterano does not represent 5% of the mass salarial of the staff. Like this then , of this sale the club only could use five 'kilos'. By the contrary, in the hypothetical case that the blaugrana sold to Jordi Alba, the blaugrana yes could apply the rule of 33%.

That is to say, if the Barcelona sells to the left side by 30 million euros (for example) applying the rule, lyou Barcelona only could have of 9,9 'kilos' to generate fair play financial. Figures very low for what the sportive direction wants of face to the market of signings of this summer.

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In another section of the new rule that has presented LaLiga is that the impact by Covid-19 in the limit salarial will divide in the next five seasons, with the aim that the big losses do not penalise to the clubs only in this period. The patronal has determined that it will distribute in 15% in 2022-2023, 20% in 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, respectively, and 22,5% in 2025-2026, as it explains in '2playbook'. "If a club had some losses atribuibles to the Covid by 10 millions between 2019 and 2022, this amount no longer would subtract in his whole to 2022-2023, but in the next season only will be 1,5 millions", stand out.

The case of the Barça is not particularly positive or hopeful, since the losses of the Barcelona entity are not totally ocasionadas by the impact of the pandemia in the club, but by the "cleaning of balance that applied the managerial board of Joan Laporta when arriving, loading extraordinary costs by 250 millones of euros between the early repayment of the value of several footballers and provisions by legal risks", as they establish in the above-mentioned source.

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