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The effects that the new Spanish State of Alarm will have on the world of sports

Published:26/10/2020 - 16:02h

Updated:27/10/2020 - 16:31h

The Spanish government announced this past Sunday a new State of Alarm that will presumably last until May. Although the world of sport does not enter directly into the established protocols, it will be affected indirectly

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This past Sunday, Pedro Sánchez, president of the Government of Spain, announced in a press conference that the Council of Ministers has approved a second State of Alarm in the country. In this occasion will be the Autonomous Communities those that take good part of the decisions and there will be a general confinement, as yes there was in March. This state will prolong , if it does not occur at all rare, until May of 2021.

The protocol that it will be necessary to follow from now will limit the nocturnal life in all the state and in all the Communities will be forbidden to go out of house between the 22, the 23, or the 00 hours of the night, until the 6 of the morning of the following day. In Catalonia, for example, the Govern of the Generalitat has decided that the touch of remains was from the 22:00 hours until the 06:00, whereas in Madrid will be of 00:00 to 06:00.

But the big question that do all the fans to the sport in general and to the football in particular is if this State of Alarm will affect or no to this sector. The answer is that, technically, the professional sport will not see affected in no case, since it is excluded of the protocol that have to follow the rest of citizens. Precisely this is one of the exceptions that contemplate in the protocol.

The FC Barcelona, the Real Madid and the rest of teams of LaLiga​ do not have of what concern, since the touch of remains no repercutirá in at all to his parties neither to the competition. It will be able to follow having meetings at night and there will be problems with that they finish further of the 22 or the 23. This is a luck for the Barça, since in Catalonia is forbidden to go out to the street from the 22, as they have indicated from the Generalitat.

Without public in the stadiums until 2021

Unfortunately, all this goes to delay even more the turn of the public to the stadiums of LaLiga. A lot of clubs, included the group barcelonista, was trying to put people in these moments, but for now had received a "no" by answer. With all this, is more evident still that from the Government will refuse any type of demand in relation to the return of the fans to the fields of football.

This goes to suppose a hard hit for all the teams, since the income go to see drastically reduced if it can not go in public in all the campaign. What is clear right now is that in the short term it will follow playing to enclosed door and regarding the half term neither there is a lot of optimism. Until 2021 the crash will follow contesting without people and is likely that this last to the end of the present campaign.

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