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Premier, League, Bundesliga... All the championships that have been put against the Super League

Published:21/12/2023 - 17:05h

Updated:22/12/2023 - 06:15h

The competitions have not taken long to position themselves against the European Super League. In England, Germany, Spain and France they have issued statements to reject the idea of the innovative tournament in which Real Madrid or FC Barcelona remain.

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The Superliga European has given his first 'step' with the court's decision of Justice of the European Union (TJUE), that considers that the norms of FIFA and UEFA are contrary to the right of competition, supposing an abuse of power, put "are not subject to any criterion that guarantee his transparent character, aim, no discriminatory and proportionate" . It is not green light to the competition promoted by Florentino Pérez and in which they keep Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, put has not asked this, but yes a very important step.

LaLiga, first in pronouncing

The true is that, after presenting the project and 'modus operandis' of the new competition, the communiqués by part of some clubs and competitions have not taken in arriving. All coincide in the rejection to the tournament presented. LaLiga, led by Javier Thebes, went the first competition in heaving the voice, just after the failure went official. They began aiming that "although the promoters of the Superliga ensure that this sentence gives them the reason, the reality is that the TJUE has been clear when affirming that "a competition like the one of the project of the Superliga does not have to be necessarily authorised. When having him posed questions of general character about the norms of the FIFA and of the UEFA, the Court of Justice does not pronounce , in his sentence, on this specific project".

Likewise, they have insisted in that "LALIGA, only league personada in the procedure, celebrates these words that coincide with the formal position expressed by 23 national governments of the EU and of the EEE, an unprecedented figure, that joined to the community futbolística and sportive in general to defend the pyramid of the football in front of models secesionistas like which represents the call Superliga European". Of the same way, aim that the sentence coincides with the already known conclusions of the General Lawyer of the TJUE of December of 2022, that already said that "although the European Super League Company has freedom to create his own competition of independent football, out of the ecosystem of UEFA or FIFA, can not, in addition to creating this competition, continue participating in the competitions of football organised by the FIFA and the UEFA without the previous permission of these federations".

Conclusive communiqué from England

From the Premier League have showed his rejection with an extensive communiqué in which puntualizan that "the sentence does not endorse the call "Superliga European" and the Premier League follows refusing any concept of this type. The fans are of vital importance for the game and one and again have left clear his opposition to a separate "competition" that cuts the bond between the national football and the European".

Likewise, they reiterate the commitment of the competition with the clear principles of laos tournaments that "sustentan the success of the competitions of national and international clubs" and that "the football prospers thanks to the competitiveness created by the promotions and descents, the annual classification based in the merit of the leagues and national glasses to the international competitions of clubs and the rivalries and rituals of long dates that they comport the weekends reserved for the national football".

The Premier, opened to the dialogue and message from France

In spite of that refuse the competition, have insisted in that they keep had to participate in "an open and constructive dialogue with all the parts interested of the football on the best way to protect and improve the complementary balance of the football of national and international clubs". By his part, from Tie it 1, in France, the attendant to speak has been Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP, the one who has recognised that "The League of Professional Football supports unambiguously the competitions organised by the UEFA" and that "at all can substitute the legitimacy, the credibility and the prestige of the European competitions such as they organise from does more than 60 years".

Of the same way, the responsible maximum of the French league has ensured that are "very become attached to the principles of the sportive merit that they have to govern the organisation of our sport", referring to the process of classification for European competitions, as well as the process of promotions and descents, adding finally that "if the football is today the most important sport of the planet is precisely because it has known to create the bases for some simple competitions, clear and transparent", sentencing that "at all it can go against of this intangible principle that is can give to all the right to dream and can arrive to the highest of the sportive pyramid".

Germany refuses the Bundesliga

By his part, from Germany has pronounced the DFL (League of German Football) clearing that it does not surprise them the failure of the TJUE, aiming that "the UEFA and the FIFA have to review his criteria, that already have been developed, adapt them if necessary and apply them legally. The TJCE also left clear in the press release that the decision of the TJUE does not mean that a competition like the Superliga have to necessarily allow. The legality of the Superliga is a question aside", explained.

From the competition germana keep that they support "explicitly the sportive model European and refuses the competitions out of the organised by the associations and leagues. In what we have been able to value the complete sentence will comment it in more detail, whereas his director Marc Lenz has signalled that "the national leagues are the vertebral column of the professional football in Europe, social, sportive and economically. The pyramidal structure based in the sportive model European, his basic principles and his norms of support, included the norms of costs, are the decisive base for the positive development of the European football".

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