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Cheap signings: The 'free agents' that would fit with Barça's market plan

Published:27/03/2023 - 16:16h

Updated:27/03/2023 - 16:16h

The FC Barcelona is going to have serious problems to sign everything that wants this summer because of the Fair Play of LaLiga. It might not be possible to make large transfers, so the market for free players is going to be decisive again. These are the 'free agents' who could fit into Barça economically and sportingly

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The FC Barcelona goes to have to go back to lidiar in this next market of signings of summer with the 'absurd' Fair Play Financial tax by LaLiga to all his clubs. To be able to inscribe new agreements, as the ones of Ronald Araújo, Gavi or Sergi Roberto, and for fichar footballers of other teams, the Barcelona picture needs to recess in 200 million euros his current mass salarial.

It is therefore an important figure that does not go to be simple to diminish and that is conditioning the plan of market of the Barça. The culés carry months having clear that the big priorities would have to be find a good right side that can be headline, a leading acting centre of Robert Lewandowski, a good offensive midfield player a central left-handed. Also it has looked for a mediocentro, but if it followed Sergio Busquets would not be so urgent this incorporation.

It commented that the arrivals of the carrilero right-handed and of the '9' were the most necessary for technical and managerial body, but recently has ensured that from the entity have changed to seem and now see more prioritario reinforce the midfield. It seems that it does not find a side 'top' that it can arrive to an economic price, and this, as it is the situation with LaLiga, is a problem of difficult solution.

Xavi y Joan Laporta, entrenador y presidente del Barça

However, the reality for the Barcelona is that what happens him with the signing of a right-handed side can happen him also in the rest of positions to reinforce. Thus, already it says that the market of free players will go back to be vital for the club. In 'FCBN' have elaborated a list with the footballers that finish agreement in this 2023 that they could fit in what it looks for the Barça so much in the economic as in the sportive. The eternal wished, Leo Messi, in spite of win them that there is to see him of turn, does not find in the same by his wage, that is lejísimos to go in in the plan of market Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany.

Players 'free' that would fit

Ilkay Gündogan

The captain of the Manchester City finish agreement and seems that it is by the work of a change of airs. To the germano would seduce him play in the Camp Nou before withdrawing and in the City Condal carry long with his pointed name in the diary. Although it would arrive to LaLiga already with 32 years for 33 and would not be a reinforcement of future, still seems to have a pair of courses more to good level. They would be a 'patch' waiting for the jump that still has to give Gavi, to see how develops Pablo Tower and waiting for that the Catalans can 'attack' the signing of Florian Wirtz in 2024.

The one of Gelsenkirchen would be futbolísticamente speaking a perfect reinforcement for what looks for the Barça. Has good vision of game, has quality, dominates the 'tempo' of the game, does not tire to ask it, can appear in the rival area to finish... It would be a big complement for Pedri, that no longer would be so indispensable as it is it now. Besides, it could play also of mediocentro if Xavi Hernández decided it, since with Pep Guardiola has done it quite a lot of times. Also it fits to signal that thanks to his convivencia with the one of Santpedor, knows the philosophy barcelonista and would fit with the style of game.

Ilkay Gündogan festejando un gol con el Manchester City

Together with his age, the another doubt that offers the German is his wage, since it is a star and could ask more than what the blaugrana want to or can pay him. In the entity have clear that can not 'throw the house by the window' with a so greater player and only will do the operation if Gündogan recesses his pretences. To the City has asked him too much and if to the Barcelona does not ask him less is very difficult that finish arriving.

Youri Tielemans

From the English press carry months saying that it has it half fact with the Arsenal, but the operation follows without being official, by what still is a free player. The Belgian does not go to renew with the Leicester, by what would arrive free to Barcelona. Taking into account his age (25) and his qualities, would be an incorporation 'top' to reinforce the midfield with a different profile to what there is.

Tielemans Has a big far shot, arrival to the rival area, good technical and a good trip of balloon. However, it is not the profile of midfield player that look for the Catalans and his lace could be complicated. It is not neither the interior 'jugón' that it could complement to Pedri, neither neither is a mediocentro organiser or a more destroyer pivote. In spite of this, has qualities very specific that they could go him well to the team and still can not descartarse that it explode to what seemed that it went to be when it went out of the Anderlecht.

If the ex of the Monaco accepted an intermediate wage would be a spectacular reinforcement, but if it asks a wage of star does not have to be an option to consider. By a lot of that promised in his day and by a lot of that still was a good half very aprovechable, is far to be a 'crack' and does not have to invest an important wage in him.

Marcus Thuram

Although the favourite of the group barcelonista is Vitor Roque, says that the Athletico Paranaense could ask around 50 millions by him, a figure that hardly can face right now. Thus, the Barça would have to look to Europe and fix in Marcus Thuram that has not left of 'sell' as future '9' culé. The son of Lilian, ex Barcelona, has left clear that it wants to play in the same stadium in which it did it his father and economically seems that it could accept win less than what can offer him other teams.

Marcus Thuram celebrando un gol ante el Madrid

In the sportive, the French has a low profile and does not seem that it go to be never the 'killer' tiutlar of the FC Barcelona, but yes can be a big option like revulsivo. It is 25 years old, it has improved many in the two last, would accept willingly the suplencia and has interesting arguments to be able to give a lot from the bank. Physically it is a portento, has more quality of which looks and, although it is not a goleador of elite, yes has improved a lot his figures and could be important in this appearance. Besides, it can play also in band, giving him more alternative to Xavi.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The gabonés has agreement with Chelsea, but the most likely is that the 'blues' give him the letter of freedom this summer. It does not explain for the club neither for the trainer and, besides, bothered a lot see him so joined to the staff of the Barça in the Classical in front of the Real Madrid, that he same lived from the Camp Nou. Therefore, it will be with almost total security an option to cost zero and has to consider his signing.

Already it has commented that 'Auba' goes to accept earn the minimum with such to go back to the capital of Catalonia. This is a point for in case that it can not recess the mass salarial the sufficient as to go to by other names. Andl problem is that this June will fulfil 34 years, by what his best years already have happened and only will be a 'patch' for the course that comes and with a lot of luck for the 2024/2025. The well is that it knows to Xavi, to all his ex mates, would accept the suplencia, has a lot of goal and like alternative to Lewy in the short term would be more than perfect.

Iñigo Martínez

The one of the Athletic has an enclosed agreement with the Barça that will do effective if the culés achieve space salarial to inscribe him. Therefore, if at all twist , the Basque will play in the Camp Nou the campaign that comes. It is a defender with a lot of experience, international with Spain, left-handed and that fits with what looks for the technical body. Has good exit of balloon, goes well by high and is fast to go to the crossing. His 'but' are the 31 years for 32 that has, although it would arrive with a wage 'low' and to be the fourth head office in the rotation, by what this does not concern in excess.

Iñigo Martínez, durante un partido con el Athletic

Evan Ndicka

Although the deal with Iñigo is total, the FC Barcelona would not have to forget that the French is in the same market of 'free agents' that he. Also it is left-handed, but in his case is 23 years old and spare potential as to turn into a central of a lot of level. Has also quality to go out well from backwards, physically is very upper to the of Ondarroa and, in general, is a better option. By this reason, clear is, also is more expensive and his wage will be upper to the of the Spanish. Taking into account that the plan of the Barcelona is that it was the fourth head office, does not seem that it suit to spend what will ask the Frenchman.

Daichi Kamada

The Japanese has exploded definitively this season in the Eintracht of Frankfurt after a past campaign more than promising. Sum already 13 goals and 5 assistances this course and seems to be prepared to play in a 'big' and like this give a jump in his career. It says that the Dortmund has taken advantage of that it finish agreement in July and that has it almost fichado, but does a pair of weeks in Germany informed that the midfield player is it to him thinking, since it expects the call of a greater club.

The one of Ehime can play like interior, like mediocentro offensive playing at the side of a pivote, like mediapunta with more freedom or even like left extreme to take advantage of his speed and good technical. It is not a mediocampista to the use, but has quality, is very dynamic, has goal and arrival, is fast and has a very stimulating profile that any team would appreciate. As with other names, the only 'but' is the wage that can ask, since with 26 years is in the best moment of his career and will want a good agreement that perhaps the FC Barcelona can not give him right now.

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