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Rüdiger, aware of his challenges at Madrid: "A club like this doesn't call many times"

Published:9/06/2022 - 18:21h

Updated:9/06/2022 - 18:22h

Antonio Rüdiger has been happy with his arrival at Real Madrid. The German has praised Ancelotti's work and hopes that Hazard will show his best side again after leaving Chelsea

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Antonio Rüdiger has turned into the first incorporation of the Real Madrid of face to the season 2022-23. Andl German arrived from Chelsea like free agent and wait be presented próximamente like player merengue. Recently, the defender, that will reinforce the last line of the team directed by Carlo Ancelotti, has conceded an interview for ' Mark'.

For Rüdiger, his arrival to the Madrid is perhaps the greater advance that has given like footballer: "I Think that so much in the football as in the life all are chapters and east is one new for me. Obviously, this new chapter is very big, is a big step for me. Probably it is the biggest of all my career. To first time that listen to speak of the Madrid... It imagines. It was as, wow! The first time that contacted me was in September or October, create to remember. A club like this does not call many times and was incredible".

Likewise, it has indicated that several clubs were following his steps, but only had in mind dress the white T-shirt or, in his defect, continue in Stamford Bridge in case to have a good offer to renew with the team londinense: "In this period, is truth that there have been a lot of conversations, but if I am honest, only considered the Madrid or Chelsea".

Praises for Ancelotti

The central germano already has been able to sustain a conversation with his new trainer, the one who has manifested him the joy that exists in the changing room after his signing: "it said Me that all the world was very happy to have me in the Madrid and this puts me very happy. It is clear that Ancelotti is one of the people that do very strong to the Real Madrid, but no only he. They are Benzema, Toni Kroos, Modric, Casemiro... It said me that they were all very happy and this does me feel proud. And it does me see also that I have done it well these last three years and gives me a lot of motivation to do it still better in the Real Madrid".

"Yes, it is pressure, but is the history of the Real Madrid. They are accustomed to win and the mentality is that: win. His winning mentality goes with my character"

Rüdiger Has recognised the path of the Italian that comes to carry to the merengues to add a new orejona to his vitrinas: "All the world knows what is Ancelotti in the world of the football. It is a top trainer and has gone back it to show winning LaLiga and the Champions. I do not need to speak a lot on him and only I can say that it is a big honour for me that a trainer like Ancelotti want me. I have seen him since it was a boy in the TV. It is an honour".

The historical weight of the Madrid

Rüdiger Has happened to form part of the most winning team of the League of Champions, that extended his legend in the continent in the past final of Paris with the conquest of his fourteenth Glass of Europe. However, it ensures that the winning philosophy of the club is chord to him: "Yes, it is pressure, but is the history of the Real Madrid. They are accustomed to win and the mentality is that: win. His winning mentality goes with my character".

Regarding the game, considers that although his main function in the field is to defend, also has intentions to contribute in works of attack: "there is determinate zones of the field in which you can be dangerous and attempt mark the greater number of possible goals. Almost always I have played in teams in which had the possession and this has served me to learn a lot. Already I have said that the football are chapters and in each chapter have grown like player".

Also it has done a promise to the fans, that expect to follow adding trophies: give it everything in each party dressing the elastic merengue: "What go to say this day to the madridistas and to my mates is easy for me and can say it here right now. I go to give my heart in each party and in each situation. This can promise it. I go to give the one hundred by one hundred each day".

His reunion with an old known in the Madrid

During his go through Chelsea, Antonio Rüdiger could coincide with Eden Hazard, the one who from his arrival to the Spanish capital has not finished to show the quality with which shined as 'blue': "I remember It, I remember it (...). It left a season later, after winning the Europe League. The day that left were sad, but afterwards I was happy by him because I knew that the Madrid was his dream from small, he said it to us".

Now, it has showed happy to have to the Belgian like mate once again: "it does Me very happy go back to coincide with Eden, now in the Madrid. I know that they have been years very hard for him, with a lot of injuries and problems, but still expect that the followers of the Madrid can see to the Hazard with which I played, because it was without place to doubt one of the best footballers of the world".

To the equal that the madridismo, Rüdiger warms up the hope that Hazard go back to show his best level, as well as it has promised it during the celebrations after winning the Champions: "I saw It. And I expect that it was like this. I expect that it was healthy because it is the most important for the sportsmen. I do not have doubts on his quality, is a Top player. I will help him in all what can".

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