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What to do with Ansu Fati? Barça's 4 exits to solve the 'problem' with the '10'

Published:21/03/2023 - 15:59h

Updated:21/03/2023 - 16:17h

Ansu Fati was going to be the next big star of FC Barcelona, ​​but his situation today is very far from that. The '10' is the last in Xavi's rotation of strikers and he hasn't just 'started'. Barça has to make a decision this summer about what to do with it and in 'FCBN' we tell you the four ways that the club has

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Ansu Fati Had it everything to finish being one of the big stars of the next generation and a serious applicant to the Balloon of Gold. Speed, dribbling, quality and intelligence to combine, personality, and the most important for a forward, goal and 'angel' of face to the rival goal. In the FC Barcelona believed so much in him that offered him the number '10' at all more go out Leo Messi, because he was allocated to be his substitute.

However, unfortunately the history of the Hispanic-guinean has been very distinct. In November of the 2020, an entrance of Mandi in a Barça-Betis finish with his season when it was beginning to settle in the eleven initial. The attacker had to go through the operating theatre to solve his break of the internal meniscus of his left knee, a hard injury and that requires long of recovery.

The knee of Ansu is 'killing' his career

But the bad news did not finish here for Ansu, that had to operate others thrice more because it followed having pains in the knee. For this reason and because these ailments finish affecting him to other zones, in the campaign 2021/2022 grieve could play 15 meetings in total. Luckily, from it does months all seems to be well to medical level and this course only has lost two crashes by a slight injury in the knee.

Ansu Fati, en un partido del FC Barcelona

In what it goes of season, Fati has contested neither more neither less than 38 parties, although 'alone' has played 1339 minutes, in which it has annotated six so many and has given three assistances. They are numbers very underneath of what expected of him, but the worst are the feelings. It has not done a big meeting in all the campaign and is not contributing practically when it goes out of start.

Mediocre numbers and bad feelings of Ansu Fati

Xavi Hernández has given him eleven titularities until the moment, and only has achieved to mark a target in one of them. Futbolísticamente, hardly has contributed things when it has gone out from the beginning, but neither gives too going out like revulsivo in the second parts. For this reason, his trainer has finish him relegando to be the last of the forwards in rotation, having apparently to day of today by in front to Ferran Torres, Ousmane Dembélé when it recover and obviously to Raphinha and to Robert Lewandowski.

In spite of that the technician of Terrassa has repeated one and again that has full confidence in Ansu and that follows thinking that will be a star in the Camp Nou, his acts leave clear that trusts more in the others attacker that in him. If all follows the same, the club goes to have to take a decision in summer on what do with the one of Guinea Bissau of face to the next course. In 'FCBN' have analysed the case and there is mainly four roads to solve the subject.

The four exits of the Barça to solve the 'case Ansu'

Give him another year to Ansu to follow testing

The first exit and also the simplest is to leave that the 'waters follow his course'. The player has agreement until 2027, still has 20 years and leave him another year more in the staff would not hurt him to anybody. Fati Already has left clear in several occasions that wants to triumph in the City Condal, by what not doing at all would be the easiest. Nevertheless, this has an against, since right now the team only has a pure left extreme, that is the '10'. 'Dembouz', although it gives more in the right, surrenders here almost so well and aims to title when it recover . But neither Raphinha neither Ferran feel comfortable in this side.

Ansu Fati hablando con Xavi en un partido

Nevertheless, in spite of this, leave in staff to Ansu is a risk more than asumible taking into account what is happening this campaign. These months the team has suplido very well the absence of Dembélé, lesionado, and Xavi has improvised putting to Gavi 'thrown' to the left with a system of four means. Alejandro Balde suple with his continuous rises and his desborde the fault of a pure extreme by here, by what does not concern in excess.

Yield to Fati so that have the continuity that needs

Another road that has the FC Barcelona is the one to look for a cession for the international Spanish. Although it can sound to madness by the role of star that was allocated to have and by the '10' that carries in the back, has only 20 years and is in age to go a year, have the continuity that does not go to be able to give him Xavi and 'break' at last. It would be necessary to look for him a destination in which have ensured a lot of minutes and in which it fit futbolísticamente speaking, but by his status and potential will not be difficult to find a team that can give this.

If it works, it puts goals, leaves backwards the bad feelings and approaches to the level of before the injury, would be a spectacular 'win-win' for the Barça, but the loan also has his risks. In case that it follow leaving bad feelings, play less than the expected or do not put too many goals, will lose undoubtedly more value of market that if it had remained and will be more difficult to do business with him if it is what wants to do the entity.

The sale of Ansu Fati can be the solution

Another stage that would have to contemplate the picture barcelonista, and that in fact contemplates according to diverse informations, is the one of the sale. The club needs to sell this summer for fichar a '9' and a right side of level, that are the big priorities of the market. Besides, wants to bring a midfield player 'jugón' in case that it was possible. All this could be viable alone if also there are sales and Ansu could be one of them.

Ansu Fati durante el Girona-Barça

In spite of that give off of him would be a risk in case it finish exploding in the star that aimed to be, this is only a possibility. The reality is that the FC Barcelona needs ingresar and by him could receive easily between 40 and 50 'kilos' by part of some group of the Premier League. Although they are not the 80, 90 or 100 millions that could have paid by him does a pair of years, would be an important figure that could 'pay' the signing of the carrilero right-handed or of the 'killer'.

Bet it everything to Ansu to certify if it goes or no to go back

Finally, the Barça has another exit, that is surely the more descabellada, that would be the bet everything to Ansu the course that comes. The only form in which the Barcelona can ensure of the real level of the forward is giving him full confidence. Xavi would have to give him the left band and follow putting him of start until when it deserve it to him by performance. Only of this way will be able to return the best Fati or, by against, will know with certainty that this player probably never goes to go back.

Give him full powers to the Hispanic-guinean would involve to leave to play with four midfield players, reducing like this the minutes of Busquets, Gavi or Frenkie of Jong, since Pedri is the only 100% indispensable of the four. Besides, it would cause also diminish the minutes of Dembélé and Raphinha, that 'would litigate' by the titularity in the right. This could ocasionar problems in the ecosystem of the changing room in case that Fati do not finish of 'start' and follow playing. It will be necessary to see which option chooses the entity to resolve this 'hot potato'.

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