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What '9' would fit the most? Pros and cons of Barça's options if Vitor Roque did not arrive

Published:28/03/2023 - 16:44h

Updated:28/03/2023 - 16:45h

FC Barcelona wants Vitor Roque as Lewandowski's substitute for next season and as a '9' future starter. However, the Fair Play could prevent the signing if the Paranaense asked for too much. If this happened, Barça will have to go for a cheaper option, having mainly three in the market for free players.

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Vitor Roque Is the big obsession of the FC Barcelona like reinforcement crashes for his forward of face to the market veraniego. After not being able to compete by the signing of Endrick, to the that finish carrying the Real Madrid, the culés do not want to lose also to which is the another big 'jewel' of the current Brazilian football. The '9' of the Athletico Paranaense is at present the best young tip of the football sudamericano, already has debuted with the absolute selection of Brazil and has it everything to be 'top' in his arrival to Europe.

In the Camp Nou see to the of Timóteo like an interesting alternative to Robert Lewandowski from the bench and to a potential indisputable headline when the Pole begin to go down his level. Thus, anybody in the Camp Nou wants to lose to the 'killer', that already has showed in several occasions his predilection by the Barcelona colours. The Barça, that has programmed a 'summit' with his father próximamente, has his wish to play in the Catalan capital to be able to close his arrival, but the Paranaense has a lot that say and seems that it wants to take out cut by his sale.

In a principle seemed that the Brazilians could accept a quantity around the 30 million fixed euros more some 10 in variables. However, taking into account that it does only some months the Palmeiras closed the traspaso of Endrick by 35 'kilos' fixed and 25 more by aims, seems that the ones of Curitiba have thought it to him better. Roque Is for the time being more player that the madridista, that still is very 'green' and that has not marked from December, and besides has only a year more than him, by what is natural that his club want to squeeze to the teams that want him.

Vitor Roque celebrando con Brasil Sub-20

In this case, it does some days commented that the pretences of the Paranaense had gone up until the 50 million traspaso by 85% of the rights of the attacker, saving 15% remaining of face to a possible future sale. If the FC Barcelona already had reticencias to pay the 30 of which spoke at the beginning and wanted to recess the price, seems mission almost impossible that accept this desorbitado price.

The blaugrana have to recortar 200 'kilos' of his mass salarial to be able to inscribe new signings or even the new agreements of Gavi and Ronald Araújo, already renewed. By this reason, unless they do several important sales is complicated that they go to be able to spend a lot of money in the market. Thus, if the Athletico asks this for real is likely that in the Camp Nou have to look to another side in search of a more economic forward. Here it is where will go in the market of 'free agents', that offers three tips to cost zero that they could fit in the Barça:

Marcus Thuram

The French has declared in several occasions that dreams with playing where also played his father, Lilian. It is international with France and could be an acting of guarantees for Lewandowski, but also a good companion for the Pole, since it is a complementary profile. It is a polyvalent attacker, able to play in band also, with a big physicist, powerful in career, with a remarkable and increasingly intelligent technician and fine-tuned of face to goal.

Marcus Thuram celebrando un gol ante el Madrid

His speed would give him to to Xavi more options to play to the against and could be very useful with the result in favour when having more spaces up. The Catalans do not have a player that can give this in the plantel and therefore it is necessary to value even more this potential signing. Besides, it is 25 years old, it is in the best moment of his career and could be a good footballer of staff for quite a lot of years.

By against, it is necessary to leave clear that unless they change a lot the things, Marcus never goes to have level to be usual headline in the Barcelona. The Frenchman could be a good acting, but is not a solution to half or long term to relieve to Lewy, that to his near of 35 years is already in the straight final of his career. Besides, although it is not 'clumsy' with the ball and has quality, neither stands out to the hour to combine in spaces reduced, something key for the culés. Nevertheless, in spite of this, the true is that Thuram could be a good alternative for the forward and, besides, seems that it would not demand a very high wage, by what this also is necessary to take it into account.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

'Auba' Went out the half year that was in the Barça and that is his best letter of presentation for this possible turn. It arrived in January of 2022 and was key so that the blaugrana finish second in League, marking a lot of goals and leaving clear that kept on being a 'killer' of level. Unfortunately, it had to go out to Chelsea because the club needed to give him gone out by a question of Fair Play. In London has not gone him well and at present does not explain for Graham Porter neither for the entity, that seems that it will try to terminate him the agreement this summer.

Aubameyang, en un partido ante el City

If the gabonés remains free goes to be an incredible option for the line of attack barcelonista. Besides, economically it is the best alternative, since it has said that he would be had to win the minimum wage by law with such to go back. This is a pro giant if the Barça has problems to reduce his mass salarial. This, joined to that has a big relation with all the changing room culé, that Xavi has him in very high esteem, that has a lot of goal and that futbolísticamente already has showed that fits and works, do that his arrival was more than favourable.

Nevertheless, also it is necessary to take into account that in June goes to fulfil 34 years and that goes to arrive after a season nefasta in the personal. It fits to say that the speed, that always has been one of his stronger points like footballer, no longer goes to be something differential by a question of age. This is something that goes him to limit a lot, since technically, although it is remarkable, never has been excellent, by what with less physicist can him see the sewings. Besides, has only a year less than Lewy, by what is likely that both go out in 2025 or as late 2026, leaving a 'black hole' in the forward if the entity does not move in 2024 for fichar to another goleador younger.

Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian is 31 years old and will fulfil the 32 in October, by what theoretically still has three more to good level if it takes care as it has to. The still player of the Liverpool is the '9' with less goal of this brief list, but also is the best technically of the three candidates with a lot of difference. Firmino always has been a mediapunta playing of forward and with him in the centre, doing play to Salah and Mané, the 'reds' heaved a Champions League.

Roberto Firmino, en el Madrid-Liverpool de Champions

The one of Maceió is, saving the evident distances, a tip of the profile of Karim Benzema, although with much less 'fang' of the showed by the French since it went Cristiano Ronaldo of the Madrid. Technically it is a delight, is an artist throwing 'walls' to one or two touch in spaces reduced, and moves very well to the hour to go down to receive. Pedri Would have a brutal partner with him to combine and Dembélé and Raphinha could improve his figures goleadoras with him at the side if they were intelligent. Lewy Would have, therefore, an acting of guarantees, with a very different style, with experience and with qualities to be headline whenever it did lacking.

It fits to say, clear is, that Firmino carries several toneless years in Anfield by fault especially of the injuries, that have brought him of 'head' from 2020. In December of this past 2022 went back to lesionar and still has not recovered his place in the XI initial after going back in February. In addition to this, fits to signal that to his age and with his record of injuries, is difficult to know if it will be able to reach again his 'prevail' or at least will be able to approach to him.

Also it is necessary to value if it is worthwhile to pay him the wage that ask, that surely will not be little by his path and status. If it does not have a lot of physical problems, the FC Barcelona fichará to an acting with level to title that it will be able to help to do more 'sweet' the transition between Lewansowski and the '9' youngster that has to fichar the club. But if the body of the Brazilian does not answer could be a load during the next three or four years, as already it went it for example Samuel Umtiti.

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