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All what have to know on the dates and format of LaLiga, the Glass and the Supercopa 2019-20

Published:29/04/2019 - 17:26h

Updated:29/04/2019 - 17:56h

The Spanish Federation of Football has made this Monday his General Assembly, and has approved the last relative proposals to LaLiga, the Glass of Rey and the Supercopa of Spain for the course 2019-20. Here you will be able to inform you of the calendar and the new formats of the competitions

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The Real Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF) has celebrated this Monday his General Assembly, and has done officials some novelties for the campaign 2019-20. The advances of the last months have confirmed in this meeting, in which there has been majority agreement for the organisation of the competitions of reference in the Spanish football. Except some pending discussions, the season is practically ready.

The organism chaired by Luis Rubiales has presented the format and calendar for LaLiga, the Glass of Rey and the Supercopa of Spain. It is in the two last tournaments where there will be more changes, since they have promoted some modifications to boost the competitiveness and reduce the load of parties, attaining like this satisfy the requests a part of the involved.

It fits to stand out that, in a totally opposite line, Javier Thebes already has warned that LaLiga will impugn these decisions, since in his own Assembly, the clubs refused adjust them proposed by the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales and the representatives of the distinct territorial Federations. Waiting for a conflict that could resolve the Upper Council of Sports or the ordinary Justice, this is all what have to know on the national championships of the course 2019-20 (as the dictated by the RFEF):

Formats and calendars of League, Glass and Supercopa 2019-20


It is the tournament that less adjust has required because only they have displaced some dates, and has demanded a Sunday of the month of January to fit the new Supercopa of Spain -usually celebrated in August-. If there are not changes again, LaLiga 2019-20 will begin on 18 August 2019 and will finish on 24 May 2020.

The aim of this change is to leave more margin to complete pre-seasons and previous rounds of the European competitions, by what the RFEF defends that 95% of the calendar has kept the same that the proposed by the own League. As it is usual, have not programmed split on 29 December and there will be three stops of selections, in September, October and November.

Glass of Rey

The main novelty in the new Glass of the King is the dispute of the eliminatory to only party, excepting the semifinals. There will be five rounds before the first crossing with two meetings, and already there are some marked dates. It will initiate on 18 December 2019, the following round will contest on 12 January 2020, the dieciseisavos on 22 January, the eighth on 29 January, the chambers on 5 February and the semifinals on 12 February and on 4 March. The final copera has fixed for 18 April 2020, a Saturday that also will be necessary to fit in the calendar suspender belt.

The number of participants will increase of 83 to 116 teams (20 of First Division, 22 of Second, 28 of Second B, 32 of Third, 4 semifinalists of the Glass of the RFEF and 10 of the eliminatory previous of the maximum category of each territorial federation. Besides, the 4 that contest the Supercopa could remain freed of the two first rounds.

Supercopa Of Spain

The Supercopa of Spain is the one who offers more novelties, since it has an entirely new format. Raisin to contest in August and to double split -except exceptions- to a format of 'final to four' with semifinals and final in which they would go in the champions and runners-up of League and Glass. In case that any coincided -as in this year the FC Barcelona-, the witness would happen to the following classified of the championship of the regularity.

The semifinals have fixed for the 8 and 9 January 2020, and the final would contest on 12 January. In addition to the opposition of Javier Thebes and the clubs, Valencia, to personal title, also has protested by these changes, that will go on if it does not dictate it an upper instance. The previous crossings would be between winner of Glass against second of LaLiga and winner of LaLiga against runner-up of Glass.

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