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Dynamo Kiev vs FC Barcelona in TV: When and where see the match of the Champions League

Published:23/11/2020 - 15:59h

Updated:23/11/2020 - 16:02h

When and where see the match Dynamo Kiev-FC Barcelona? International guide with the schedules and the channels of TV that broadcast in direct and on-line the date 4 of the Champions League

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Dynamo Kiev and FC Barcelona confront this Tuesday 24 November, to the 21:00 Spanish hour, in the Olympic Stadium of Kiev. The match corresponds to the date 4 of the UEFA Champions League 2020-2021 and confronts to the Barça of Ronald Koeman against the Dynamo of Kiev trained by Mircea Lucescu. To continuation review the schedules and where see this football match in TV.

In Spain, the Dynamo Kiev-Barça will be televised in direct the Tuesday 24 November to the 21:00 hours by the channels Movistar League of Champions, Movistar Ties of Champions 2 and LaLiga TV Bar, through the operators Movistar and Orange, that will offer the party in Internet and with access from your mobile, tablet, computer or Smart TV.

Channels that televise the Dynamo Kiev vs FC Barcelona in Spain

  • Movistar Ties of Champions: Channel 50 of Movistar and 114 of Orange
  • Movistar Ties of Champions 2: Channel 52 of Movistar and 127 of Orange
  • Orange TV: Channel 114 and 127 of Orange
  • LaLiga TV (Bar): Channel 146 of Movistar (exclusive for bars and public venues)

Besides, different International channels of TV offer to see the match Dynamo Kiev against Barcelona of the date 4 of the League of Champions in straight across of his platforms. These are the schedules and channels of television that broadcast live and on-line the Dynamo Kiev vs FC Barcelona, but remembers that if in your country does not televise , can follow with us the minute and result here.

Live football: game Dynamo Kiev vs FC Barcelona today by TV in America

In United States, the match of Champions League between Dynamo Kiev and FC Barcelona can see live from the 15:00 (3:00 PM, Washington) and the 12:00 (12:00 PM, Los Angeles), through the following channels: TUDN and Unimás.

In Sudamérica, Centroamérica, Caribbean, Mexico and Brazil, the match Barcelona against Dynamo Kiev will be able to see live through the following schedules and channels of television: ESPN, DAZN, TNT and EI Plus.

Country Schedule Channels TV
Argentina 17:00 ESPN 2
Bolivia 16:00 ESPN 2
Brazil 17:00 EI Plus, Facebook EI Plus
Canada 15:00 DAZN
Chile 17:00 ESPN 2
Colombia 15:00 ESPN 2 Andean
Costa Rica 14:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Cuba 15:00 Rebellious tV
Ecuador 15:00 ESPN 2
The Saviour 14:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
United States 15:00 - 12:00 TUDN, Unimás
Guatemala 14:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Honduras 14:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Mexico 14:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Nicaragua 14:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Panama 15:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Paraguay 17:00 ESPN 2
Peru 15:00 ESPN 2
Puerto Rico 16:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
R Dominican 16:00 ESPN 2, FOX Sports
Uruguay 17:00 ESPN 2
Venezuela 16:00 ESPN 2 Andean


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