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Lordship of the Barça when congratulating to the Madrid by the Champions

Published:29/05/2016 - 01:21h

Updated:29/05/2016 - 01:21h

The FC Barcelona launched an institutional message in which it congratulated to the Real Madrid by the UEFA Champions League achieved in Milan against the Real Madrid. The Barça had a respectable gesture and showed lordship when congratulating to the eternal rival

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The FC Barcelona showed a sportive attitude when, minutes after the Real Madrid heaved with the title of UEFA Champions League 2015-16, decided to publish a "institutional" tweet with which congratulated to the group merengue by the title obtained in the final of Milan against the Athletic of Madrid, team to the that already has bent in two occasions during the three last campaigns.

"Congratulations @realmadrid by the title of the Champions League achieved in Milan", published the FC Barcelona, leaving patent his lordship, and in a message that has seated very well to the fans in general lines, to tenor of the thousands of "retweets" and "favourites" that has gone receiving along the last hours in spite of the "Eleventh" Champions of the Real Madrid.

The FC Barcelona, that this season has heaved with the doublet of League BBVA and Glass of Rey, does not have absolutely at all that envy to a Real Madrid that has won a Champions League decaffeinated, having had the luck in the draws to confront to teams that, between all, add a total of zero Leagues of Champions along his history.

Several components of the directive, technical body, staff and ex players of the FC Barcelona had showed his illusion by that it was the Athletic of Madrid the one who achieved the title of Champions League this past 28 May in Saint Siro.

Finally it has been the Real Madrid, but this to the barcelonistas does not have why affect them in at all. With 7 titles of 9 possible in the two last campaigns, the Barcelona aspires the next course to go back to conquer all the titles at stake. And it will struggle thus to the end.

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