Pep Guardiola, expelled by his protests to Mateh Lahoz


Pep Guardiola finish expelled, deleted and angered with Mateu Lahoz

Published:11/04/2018 - 11:15h

Updated:12/04/2018 - 01:38h

It looked for a traced back historical in the Etihad Stadium, but the Manchester City remained with another defeat and without Champions. Pep Guardiola, besides, was expelled during the meeting, and after him protested bitterly the decisions of Mateu Lahoz

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If the fans of the FC Barcelona looked for consolation after a horrible night in the Olympic of Rome, did not find it in the Manchester Citythat went back to lose against the Liverpool and also was deleted of the Champions. In the clash contested in the Etihad Stadium one of the protagonist was Pep Guardiola.

And it is that the group 'citizen' went out in a torrent and soon advanced in the marker, but finish very dissatisfied with a referee's performance that cost him some goal more. The preparador Catalan certified his annoyance, and finish was ahead of time and is loomed of punishment.

Mateu Lahoz Expels to Pep Guardiola

In addition to demanding several hands that no pitaron, the played that caused the ires of the venues was a so much cancelled to Leroy Sané. To the German invalidated him a target that had supposed the 2-0 by a presumptive offside that it did not exist, when having touched the balloon previously in James Milner, enabling like this his doubtful position.

To the rest, several footballers were to reproach him the decision to Mateu Lahoz, referee of the meeting, and when it approached Guardiola to separate them, also directed to the trencilla. His words did not like to the referee, that communicated to his second, Mikel Arteta, that the one of Santpedor was expelled. 

"I said him that it was goal. That Milner had happened him the goal to Sané. And therefore it expelled me. I have not abused him. I have said him: it Is goal! If it comes of Milner is not offside!", it justified the technician in the back press conference, in which it left clear his discontent and his unrest with the Valencian.

"The past year, against the Monaco, with 1-1 in the marker, Agüero went against the goalkeeper... And it was the same referee. I know it of Spain. It is different to go 2-0 in the rest that go 1-0. In this competition, this type of actions, mark the difference. The past year expel to Vidal against the Real Madrid in the moment in which better were playing", added.

Guardiola Could be sanctioned in Champions

"To Mateu likes him be different. It likes him be special. Already I know what happened the year happened against the Monaco. When the people sees some things to him likes him decide different", insisted desconsolado Pep Guardiola, that did not doubt in standing out the merits of the Liverpool and recognise that it had surpassed them a big rival.

Now, the Catalan is expecting to know his sanction that could be between one and three parties if in addition to the expulsion considers that there was abusive language or insults. The Commission of Discipline of the UEFA finds studying the case and will decide a punishment that will affect for the next edition of the Champions.

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