Scandal in the PSG-Basaksehir


Basaksehir abandons his match against PSG due to alleged racism from the referee

Published:8/12/2020 - 21:48h

Updated:9/12/2020 - 12:13h

Scandal in the Champions League. The players of the Istanbul Basaksehir abandoned his party against the PSG by a supposed racist comment of the fourth referee

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Unpublished incident the one who has produced in the party of Champions League that confronted to Paris Saint-Germain and to the Istanbul Basaksehir. The players of the Turkish team have withdrawn in the minute 23 of the meeting that contested in the Park of the Princes in protest by a supposed racist comment of the fourth referee to one of the members of the bench of the picture otomano.

The presumptive victim of the racist comment of the fourth referee was the technical assistant Pierre Webó, ex player of teams like Osasuna, Leganés and Mallorca, in addition to a historical of the selection of Cameroon. The complaints of the ex African footballer finish with a protest that finally would do that the party finish suspending by the refusal to play of the players of the Istanbul Basaksehir, supported by the ones of Paris Saint-Germain.

The incident originated very soon, to the 7 minutes of party, after a very hard entrance on Neymar that ocasionó the protests that later attracted the cameras of television. These attracted like Sebastian Coltescu, the fourth referee of the collegiate Romanian Hategan, referred to Pierre Webó like "black boy". "It has been this black boy", went the sentence of the controversy.

After this, originated the incident in the bench of the Turkish team. There were several protests in which it stood out what said Demba Ba, another player of colour of the Turkish group. "When you signal to a white player, do not say 'this white player'. But when you refer you to a black player say 'this black player'", him espetó the forward, in reference to his previous words.

The fourth referee, Sebastian Coltescu, gave his version and wanted to leave clear that has not called "black" to Pierre Webó in pejorative sense, if no "black youngster" (black guy). However, these explanations did not convince too much to the players of any of the two teams, that considered that the colour of skin of a person can not serve like sign to refer to her.

The party would restart this Wednesday

The party tried restart to the 22:00 hours (time penninsular Spanish) but finally the players of the Istanbul Basaksehir did not appear. Finally, it seems that the party will restart this Wednesday to the 18:55, as they ensure several sectors of the press. The meeting will restart from the minute 14, in which it gave officially by suspended.

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