Victor Kassai, showing the red card to Arturo Vidal


The Bernabéu already witnessed another 'theft' in the Real Madrid-Bayern of 2017

Published:12/04/2018 - 00:45h

Updated:12/04/2018 - 01:33h

The one of this Wednesday has not been the only 'theft' that has given lately in favour of the Real Madrid in Champions. The past season, the whites already happened of round thanks to the arbitration of Victor Kassai, that covered of glory in the Bernabéu

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If the referee of this Wednesday, Michael Oliver, finish being the protagonist of the party -and of the eliminatory- to give to the Real Madrid the pass to the semifinals of the Champions League with a penalti of the most unfair in the last minute, fits to remember that the season happened the group merengue also advanced with a big controversial to the following round of the tournament.

Then the referee commissioned to give justice -or at least this was what had to do- in the Real Madrid-Bayern Munich did all the contrary, a historical injustice that happened to the annals of the history of the modern football. And it happened because the Hungarian left to the Germans with a player less in the second time of unfair form and gave like legal two so many of Cristiano Ronaldo in clear offside.

Historical theft in a Real Madrid-Bayern

Santiago Bernabéu, with this, was witness of one of the greater thefts of this century in the Champions League. Everything began to the not expelling to Casemiro by second caution after committing a clamoroso penalti on Arjen Robben. Neither it cost another aggression of book to the Dutch to give with him far of the terrain of game, something that would have been deserved.

Instead, the Hungarian topped showing him the second yellow to Arturo Vidal. In this showed not understanding the regulation, as the Chilean launched to the floor to a balloon divided that it carried before that Marco Asensio, finish the Balearic afterwards by the flat. It was not neither fault, much less the cardboard that Kassai showed. Since, the Bayern Munich had to row with a man less arriving until the extention.

'Dobletazo' Of Kassai in the Real Madrid-Bayern

To all this it is necessary to add him the last two goals of Christian in clear went of game. The forward of the Madrid received absolutely only inside the area, so alone because the Bavarian defence had launched the offside and the one of Madeira had hammered. But the one who 'hammered' for real was the referee, in addition to his linieres and the referee of the area that, once again, did not do at all. They gave like legal his position and left him annotate the second goal.

That so much sank to a Bayern Munich that minutes afterwards would receive the blow of the third, also in illegal position of the of Madeira. It was Marcelo the one who colaba by the centre of the German defence and gave him the pass of the death to 'CR7', that pushed to pleasure. In definite, can say that the Real Madrid happened this Wednesday against the Juventus thanks to the referee, yes... But the history repeats .

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