Koke Celebrates his first goal with the Seville in front of the Liverpool

It traced back and it heaved the title

The Seville warns winning him the Europe League to the Liverpool (3-1)

Published:18/05/2016 - 22:53h

Updated:18/05/2016 - 22:53h

The Seville of Unai Emery replaced to a bad first time in front of the Liverpool to raise his third Europe League consecutive. A so much of Gameiro and other two of Koke cost to give him the turn to the golazo of Dani Sturridge

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The meeting began with the Liverpool dominating and with the monopoly of the party and the opportunities. The ones of Jurgen Klopp wanted to impose his law with a pressure asfixiante that cortocircuiteó the brain sevillista, comandado by a Éver Banega that in spite of this was the best of the ones of Unai Emery. David Soria turned into this moment in the another better rojiblanco on the green as with three stops sustained to his and avoided that the English did bloodletting.

In one of these occasions, Carriço committed a clear penalti after striking the balloon with his right hand but the referee of the meeting did not appreciate it. Firmino went back crazy asking him to the referee the penal maximum but neither this, neither the linieres neither the judge of goal could see an action that in direct seemed quite clear.

They went happening the minutes and the pressure followed suffocating to the Andalusians that defended like cat panza up until Dani Sturridge took out one of the goals of the season. The English received of Philipe Coutinho in the frontal of the area from where took out a spectacular kick that coló in the goal of Soria after completing a magic thread.

The goal, that arrived to ten minutes to finalise the first time, left very touched to the Spaniards, lost already in defence and looking for the end of a first time infernal. The picture "network" could expand in several occasions his difference with Lalana, Clyne, Firmino and the same Sturridge, but did not finish to lodge the ball at the bottom of the meshes.

Like this of they were both teams to the rest, with a Seville desfondado, sad and clumsy that did not find his essence of the European magic nights. But this was not more than a mirage that quickly commissioned to shatter Kevin Gameiro. To penalties a minute after beginning the second part and after a big pass of the death of the side Mariano, the Frenchman put the tables and did to madden to the fans sevillista displaced to Basilea.

With these extra strengths that give the goals, the attacker gone on down the Barça went back it to have two minutes afterwards in a contragolpe that arrived after a big pass, again, of Éver Banega and that left only to Kevin, that could not beat to Mingolet. The ones of Emery enderezaban the party after the rest, that seated them of wonder.

An absolutely new meeting that contested both teams and where the tendency pujante of the Seville finish with the golazo of Koke. The captain of the Andalusian team appeared in an impossible diagonal to mark with a big kick with the outside after a big played combinativa between Vitolo and Éver Banega. In this moment did not seem that anybody could with the Seville… And like this was.

As five minutes afterwards the same Koke, in clear offside, went back to fusilar to Mingolet in this occasion inside the British small area. After a played with Origi, the central Frenchman Ramí lesionó muscularmente and had to go out. Since it touched to suffer although going out to the against could annotate even a fourth goal that finally did not arrive. The party finish with a Liverpool indolente, without ideas and that did not seem to the of other eliminatory neither to the of the first time. The Seville warns with this victory (third consecutive title of Europe League) to the FC Barcelona of face to the final of the next Sunday, does not go to be at all easy to achieve the "doublet".

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