To Gerard Hammered in a warming with the Spanish selection


"We achieve that the Madrid did a rúa by the Glass"

Published:6/06/2017 - 15:11h

Updated:6/06/2017 - 15:33h

Gerard Hammered has conceded an interview to 'Minute 0' the Barcelona defence has wanted to command a clear message to the Real Madrid. "When we do a rúa for winning the Glass will be able to say that the Madrid has a winning cycle"

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It did weeks that did not speak publicly, and already missed him . Gerard Hammered is possibly one of the footballers more clarividente with his ideas. It does not hide and it says what thinks, although sometimes it can generate stir.

The Barcelona head office conceded an interview to "Minute #0 of Movistar" in which it has referred to the last successes of the Real Madrid, compared with the ones of the Barça."I think that it can not compare still all what have won during all these years to what the Madrid has won in these two last seasons", aifrmó.

But I Hammered, that always leaves a substantial headline, added: "The day that see us do a rúa for winning a Glass of the King will be able to say that the Madrid has an important cycle. Because we achieve that the Madrid did a rúa for winning a Glass of Rey".

Joan Laporta also takes out breast of the Barça of Pep

In spite of the Champions achieved by the Real Madrid in Cardiff, to the whites still remains them a lot to reach the level exhibited by the FC Barcelona of Pep Guardiola. This is what think a lot of fans to the balompié, between them Joan Laporta that did not cut to the hour to speak of this in front of the press after the tournament Johan Cruyff Golf Memorial.

"The Barça of Guardiola played a football that was art. When they win all what won the Barça in 2009 and achieve a 2-6 in the Camp Nou, speak. Have a big team, very compensated, with a good staff. They are a big team but the best that there has been up to now is the Barça of Guardiola", aimed the ex-president culé.

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