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Which was the alternative to the esteladas? Scottish flags!

Published:22/05/2016 - 15:40h

Updated:22/05/2016 - 18:15h

Although finally it allowed the entrance of flags esteladas in Vicente Calderón during the final of Glass of Rey, the true is that diverse Catalan platforms already had prepared an alternative of counterattack

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One of the big characteristic of the Catalan society is that never it gives by defeated to the hour to achieve his aims. And if this Sunday finally had not been able to exhibit flags esteladas in Vicente Calderón, the fans of the FC Barcelona would have found another form to claim his political and cultural ideals if it had wanted.

In fact, diverse Catalan platforms like the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Òmnium Cultural, association Drets and the Platform ProSeleccions Catalans planned to deliver a total of 10.000 Scottish flags between the fans of the FC Barcelona this Sunday, beside the "Fan Zone" of the Barça and of form totally voluntary for all those that wanted to claim.

The Delegation of the Government of Madrid had forbidden to exhibit esteladas in the final of Glass of Rey and the fact to exhibit Scottish flags posed like a solution mediática and conclusive. "Will be able to forbid us carry a flag, but will not be able to us forbid never the freedom", was the lemma of the campaign initiated by the entities mentioned.

Finally, the fact that the judge Torres Martínez failed in favour of the freedom of expression threw to backwards the initiative, that without place to doubts would have caused that the final of Glass of the King between FC Barcelona and Seville gave the turn to the world.

The aim was that the Scottish flags showed during the previous of the party and in the minute 17.14, when in the Camp Nou claimed the independence of Catalonia. At the end, luckily, the common sense, the logic and the freedom of expression finish imposing and allowed the presence of flags esteladas in Vicente Calderón.

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