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Antoine Griezmann will be the French number 25 in the history of the FC Barcelona

Published:12/07/2019 - 15:12h

Updated:12/07/2019 - 16:20h

Antoine Griezmann will be the French number 25 in the history of the FC Barcelona, after it have confirmed his signing. In the staff culé, will coincide with his compatriots Ousmane Dembélé, Samuel Umtiti, Clément Lenglet and Jean-Clair Todibo

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With the landing of Antoine Griezmann to the FC Barcelona, the group culé has signed to the French player number 25 of his history, after along the last years have closed the signings of players like Samuel Umtiti, Lucas Digne, Ousmane Dembélé, Clément Lenglet and Jean-Clair Todibo, this last having arrived during the past market of winter.

If it could say antaño that the Barça had something of bad luck with the players that arrived of France, fits to highlight that this effect has disappeared completely in the last times, breaking the bad dynamics with the signings of players like Thierry Henry, Éric Abidal or Ludovic Giuly, those who contributed to give a qualitative jump to the Barcelona team.

Now, the good recent result of the French signings has changed the imaginary community of the fans, that no longer thinks that fichar to pertinent players of the neighbouring country was a bad idea, neither much less. Griezmann Will be the last in arriving to the Camp Nou, and will find with four French mates in the staff: Clément Lenglet, Samuel Umtiti, Ousmane Dembélé and Todibo.

This will contribute, without place to doubts, to that his adaptation can be faster to the Barça, and even more taking into account that one of his mates also is attacker, what will favour the communication so much in the trainings as in the parties to boost the chemistry of team, in addition to the understanding and the communication.

If all follow as up to now and the FC Barcelona does not give off of Umtiti neither of Todibo, will be five French those that will have the Barça in the staff the next season 2019-20. Umtiti Has sounded for distinct clubs in the market of signings, whereas Todibo could go out yielded if it arrives another central. For now, the plans of the Barça do not go by these derroteros.

For the moment, the FC Barcelona already has done the duties this summer with Antoine Griezmann, Frenkie of Jong and Net Walled. But going back to Griezmann and to the French players that have been a member of the club, to continuation review who has been each one of them.


  • René-Victor Fenouillère (1902-1903): Forward. It lived a year in Catalonia before falling knocked down during the World-wide War. It played three friendly in 1902, and marked a goal like Barcelona.
  • Henry Normand (1908-1909): Midfield player. In spite of being son of French parents, was born in Valladolid and died in the Spanish capital. Before fichar by the FC Barcelona, played in the Real Madrid. Ephemeral step, also, by the Barcelona club.
  • Jim Carlier (1913-1914): Midfield player. It remained a season in the FC Barcelona, and struggled in the First World War like flyer. Neither it stood out especially in the group culé.
  • Maurice Bigué (1913-1914): Midfield player. It was a time in the Barcelona and contested nine parties. International by France in seven occasions, although without too much repercussion in the Barcelona club.
  • Jean Verdoux (1917-1918): Forward. It was a season in Can Barça and contested four meetings, in which it marked four targets.
  • Jules Robusco (1948): it Arrived with 18 years to the Barça and so only contested two meetings, without any transcendence.
  • Lucien Muller (1965-1968): Midfield player. It played 124 parties and years afterwards went trainer, leaving footprint in the FC Barcelona with the achievement of two titles. It was the first able French player to triumph dress of Barcelona.
  • Laurent Blanc (1996-1997): Head office. Only it remained a season in the Barça after arriving pertinent of the Auxerre. It won three titles before going to the Marseilles, having therefore a remarkable incidence in spite of playing a year dressed of culé.
  • Christophe Dugarry (1997-1998): Forward. It contested half season in which it played 13 parties, without marking neither an alone goal. It remembers of him the pelotazo that gave him to Louis Go Gaal during a training.
  • Frédéric Déhu (1999-2000): Head office. It arrived pertinent of the Lens and played a season, but did not convince never to Go Gaal.
  • Richard Dutruel (2000-2002): Goalkeeper. It landed pertinent of the Celtic of Vigo and never could be headline in his first season with the Barça, having a paper testimonial in the second campaign, before doing the cases.
  • Emmanuel Pétit (2000-2001): Midfield player. 23 parties for a player that arrived pertinent of the Arsenal like champion of the world with France, but that never adapted to the game of the FC Barcelona.
  • Philippe Christanval (2001-2003): Head office. Never it attained to convince to the technicians in spite of the evolution that promised, and finish doing the cases of the Barça without showing his cost, and by the rear door.
  • Ludovic Giuly (2004-2007): Extreme. It won two Leagues and a Champions League, being key in the team of Frank Rijkaard and marking goals very important like which lumbered with to the AC Milan in the semifinals of the League of Champions 2005-06.
  • Liliam Thuram (2006-2008): Head office. It arrived of the Juventus, descended to the series B, and played 41 parties before withdrawing definitively of the football. It combined good and bad parties, and never was a key piece for the Barça.
  • Ludovic Sylvestre (2005-2006): Midfield player. It participated in two meetings before leaving , after rising pertinent of the quarry to the first team.
  • Thierry Henry (2007-2010): Forward. Three seasons in the FC Barcelona, a Champions League harvested of a total of seven titles, in one of the most brilliant moments of the history of the club. It formed trident with Eto'or and Messi and played to a big level, although perhaps it landed something late in the Barça.
  • Éric Abidal (2007-2013): Side. More than 100 meetings like titling, 16 titles with the FC Barcelona and a fight against the cancer that surpassed, and that it is his big success. Adored in the changing room, and also by all the barcelonismo. Now, technical secretary of the Barça.
  • Jérémy Mathieu (2014-2017): Defence. They paid 20 million euros by a player that never convinced to the fans, although his performance was acceptable during his three seasons.
  • Lucas Digne (2016-18): Side. Pertinent of the PSG, went the acting of Jordi Alba during two seasons before doing the cases, because of the fault of minutes.
  • Samuel Umtiti (2016-): Head office. Only an injury of knee has braked him in the last months, but before lesionarse was one of the best head offices of the world. It will have to recover the level this season. Has agreement until 2023.
  • Ousmane Dembélé (2017-): Extreme. It landed pertinent of the Borussia Dortmund, previous payment of 105 million euros, the second traspaso more expensive of the history of the football. Has agreement until June of 2023, and is exploding this season in the team culé.
  • Clément Lenglet (2018-): Head office. It landed the past pertinent summer of the Seville after the club paid his clause of rescission (35 millions), and signed until 2023. It has adapted to perfection to the saga of the Barça.
  • Jean-Clair Todibo (2019-): Head office. It arrived the past month of January, pertinent of the Toulouse and free. It expects a lot of him, when treating of a young defender and with a tremendo potential, so much physicist like technician.
  • Antoine Griezmann (2019-): Griezmann arrives to the Barça after the payment of the clause of 120 million euros, and like one of the best players of the actuality. The aim is that it integrate the before possible to give a lot of joys to the barcelonismo, whose affection will have to win in each party after the occurred in the last year.

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