Gerard Piqué threw another dart to the arbitration


Video: The new dart of Piqué on the referees and the Madrid

Published:2/04/2021 - 18:28h

Updated:2/04/2021 - 18:28h

The iconic defender of the Catalan square is one of the protagonists of the documentary "The Others of Brunete" where launched a new dart to the referees and to the Real Madrid

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The defender of the Barcelona, Gerard Hammered, again did another reference to an affirmation that already has done in the past on a possible favouritism of the arbitration for with the players of the Real Madrid, but in this occasion said it when remembering the final of the Tournament that contested 20 years backwards.

The documentary in question, narrates how was the tournament of Brunete celebrated in the year 2001. The central of the Barça remembered how was the final of said competition when it was alevín. Then it played with Cesc Fábregas in the Barcelona team and contested the final against the Real Madrid of Lora or Granary.

The comment said it in a video that Movistar published in his Twitter of a fragment of the feature film in question where sees the moment in which Alberto Lora, player of the Real Madrid, steals him a balloon and finishes falling to the flat afterwards to having received a pass and this later annotates a goal".

"It is lacking man!, the referees from the Alevines already help them, look that lacking (…) were in Brunete played home and already know how is always", can see say to Hammered while it sees the video of the played

The then player of the Madrid only limited to affirm that it took advantage of the opportunity to steal him the balloon to the defender of combined blaugrana and look for the goal. "I only put him body and stole it to him" said Alberto Lora in this regard.

On if it would choose to change one of the glasses or titles that has won along his career in return to having been able to win in that occasion, admitted that possibly it would say that yes. "It would seem stupid to say it, but perhaps yes, if they said me 'leave to win some title for being able to raise the glass in this moment' safe had said that if".

What said previously

It is not the first time that Hammered does a statement in reference to the favouritism of the referees for with the players of the combined merengue. Months backwards, affirmed it openly, but referring to LaLiga.

"The past year, when reinicia LaLiga, the thing is that when we are badly are to hit us latigazos. The of LaLiga past of the Madrid is the more esperpéntico that have seen in my life. The party in San Sebastián, with four played doubtful and the four in favour of the Real Madrid. Some things that, with VAR, are totally injustificables. In Saint Mamés... You are accustomed to receive and when no you it pitan", said the Spanish months backwards

And it added: "The other day an exárbitro said that 85% of the referees are of the Madrid. How they do not go to pitar in favour of the Madrid, although it was inconscientemente? How they do not go to throw more than an edict that of the another? (…) Are that they try to do the best possible work, but when it arrives a moment of doubt...".

File that opened him

His words did not come him well to the Real Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF), since between his statutes is established the respect to the referee's body. By what the Committee of Competition even opened him a file by said statements the past month of February.

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