Luis Suárez and Andrés Iniesta, training with the FC Barcelona


Luis Suárez pronounces on the farewell of Andrés Iniesta

Published:27/04/2018 - 21:35h

Updated:28/04/2018 - 01:14h

After have not been able to assist to the press conference of farewell of Andrés Iniesta, Luis Suárez has published through the social networks a message with which has gladdened , at least, to be able to follow enjoying of his company some weeks more

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They have not trascended to the media the reasons by which Luis Suárez has not been able to be present this Friday to the midday in the press conference of farewell of Andrés Iniesta, of the same way that his mate Leo Messi, the one who also has ausentado of the act but in his case by the obligation to renew the passport.

The question is that, in spite of everything, Luis Suárez has wanted to command to Andrés Iniesta a beautiful message through the social networks, homenajeándole after having announced his course of the FC Barcelona and leaving clear that, at least, will be able to follow enjoying of his company some weeks more, until the season 2017-18 give by concluded.

"Today you made public your decision, but luckily remains me time to follow enjoying you, fellow. Sos Big, captain!", it has been the message that has written Luis Suárez for Iniesta, attaching a photography in which it can them see to both chatting during a session of training with the FC Barcelona, something that no longer will be able to do the next campaign.

Luis Suárez and Andrés Iniesta always have kept a very good relation inside and out of the terrains of game, and in fact the manchego was of the players that more helped to integrate to Luis Suárez in the staff when the Barcelona him fichó pertinent of the Liverpool, to the already know previously both players because of the fact to have the same representative.

Iniesta, homenajeado by his mates

In this so hard and moving day for Andrés Iniesta, sure that it will do him illusion that all his mates have commanded him messages of farewell, in addition to rivals, ex trainers and distinct personalities and estamentos of the world of the football and of the sport, in general.

Without Andrés Iniesta, Luis Suárez will lose to one of his allied maxima on the terrains of game, although the course of the manchego will allow that Coutinho, with the one who also understands very well, win the category to title indisputable in the FC Barcelona.

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