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Mascherano, critic of the current model of the Barcelona

Published:16/12/2020 - 19:28h

Updated:16/12/2020 - 19:38h

The ex player culé Javier Mascherano expressed his opinion on the form in that the Barcelona has been executing his actions, regarding his model

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Javier Mascherano, emblem of the past decade regarding the defence of the FC Barcelona and the selection of Argentina respecta, has expressed in an interview for "The Tactical Room", his dissatisfaction on the current way of the club culé to execute his actions. To the eyes of the albiceleste, the model of the Barcelona picture has changed for bad, situation that, according to him, results him painful.

"It hurts me that the Barcelona have moved away of the model that did him big. That it have prioritised other things and have not kept what so big and especially so different had done to the club. If there was something that there was different fact the Barcelona was the model and has moved away of this model from does time", went the words of the "Jefecito", when it had to analyse the actuality of the Barcelona group.

Incidentally, Mascherano commented on his excompañero of team and selection, Lionel Messi, giving an overview of what thinks on the 10 of the Barcelona. In this sense, the ex Students of The Silver declared: "When he holds the ball always there is feeling that something goes to happen. Generate this all over the world has to be something inigualable. And he generates it each three days from 15 years ago. Therefore we are speaking of somebody different"

"It is a very special person. But no by what is like player, but by the earthly that is being what is. I have not known to anybody that was so important in what it does in the history of the sport and that have this capacity to come to speak you, ask you or ask you an opinion. Usually the biggest like him do not do it", concluded the Argentinian on the star of Rosario.

Mascherano Reviewed his arrival to the Barcelona

Fichado In 2010 from the Liverpool, Mascherano had to struggle to do with a place in the eleven headline of the Barcelona, but, once here, lasted around seven years being important for the team, achieving 19 titles. In the interview with The Tactical Room, the canterano of River Plate stood out his experience under the orders of Pep Guardiola, the one who went his first trainer in the picture culé and besides was the one who, according to the same Argentinian, did it change his form to play.

"I did not have the profile of mediocampista for this team. Pep knew it. But that is the greater trophy of my career. Have been able to change the way to think with regard to my to a trainer like Guardiola, possibly the best technician in the last 30 years. Through work, of sacrifice and to comprise which was my role could find my place there", is the memory that expressed Mascherano to the interviewers, on his time with the technician of Santpedor.

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