Javier Mascherano, atentido by the players of the Alavés after his hit

The Barça did him proofs

MEDICAL COMMUNIQUÉ: Mascherano has an injury capsular

Published:28/05/2017 - 15:42h

Updated:28/05/2017 - 15:42h

After making him medical proofs in the morning of this Sunday, the FC Barcelona has given the official medical communiqué on the injury that suffered Javier Mascherano during the final in front of the Alavés. The Argentinian suffers an injury capsular posteroexterna in his knee

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Javier Mascherano lasted to penalties nine minutes on the lawn of Vicente Calderón. A crash with Marcos Llorente him prdujo a deep cut in the head when bumping "testa with testa" with the half vitoriano. But the worst was not this, but when falling his knee did a rare gesture and finish forcing him to go out in stretcher with clear gestures of pain.

The medical services examined him in the morning of the Sunday after the celebrations and gave with an official communiqué. The Barcelona defender suffers an injury capsular posteroexterna in the right knee. The approximate time of drop is of 6 weeks. Or what is the same, will not be in the parties of Argentina of the next weeks in what it will debut Jorge Sampaoli at the head of the combined albiceleste.

Another final of Glass that "Masche" loses ahead of time

The Argentinian player, that began the meeting situated like right side, jumped for pugnar a balloon with Marcos Llorente and in the action suffered a scandalous cut in the head. After some minutes of uncertainty, in which it checked that the player followed conscious, had to be withdrawn in stretcher.

It gives the casualidad that in the previous final contested in front of the Seville FC, the fourteen lasted little more than half hour on the green. In this occasion was for finish expelled and leave to his team with one less during all an hour.

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