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Neymar Will travel directly of Miami to China after turns it

Published:27/07/2017 - 23:37h

Updated:27/07/2017 - 23:37h

The news that Neymar will not go back of turns it with the rest of the equipoha done sound all the alarms, but the reasons would not have to see with his course to the PSG. Although the player no descarta leave, his trip would be by a commercial agreement of the Barça

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The serial of Neymar in the FC Barcelona will not finish until the player do not pronounce on his possible course to the PSG, but, for the moment, all the informations around the footballer do that they jump the alarms. The last in causing it has been that the Brazilian do not go back of turns it with the rest of the team, but his escape would not be related with a traspaso.

Like this it has indicated it the newspaper 'Sport', that ensures that the one of Sao Paulo will attend to a presentation of a mark of clothes, and that his assistance answers, besides, to an agreement that the company had with the own Barcelona group. The signature in question would be 'Replay', that belongs to the Italian company 'Fashion Box' and that has sponsored the official suits of the sportsmen of the Catalan square during the last four years.

In spite of everything, what continues being an incógnita is the destination of Neymar after this commitment, since although it would have to go back to the City Condal to put to the orders of Ernesto Valverde, has especulado with that it could undertake a definite trip to France to formalise his agreement with Paris Saint Germain. It will be necessary to expect.

In his hands

Although the Barça follows trying convince to Neymar that his permanence is the best option, in the club has begun to assume that at the end it will fulfil the will of the player, was this cual was. Like this it has expressed it the president himself, Josep Maria Bartomeu, that has referred to the subject confirming that "we want him and need him, but at the end does what the players wish".

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