Ousmane Dembélé, unstoppable: X-ray of a stellar performance with Barça

Published:27/01/2023 - 23:00h

Updated:28/01/2023 - 17:37h

FC Barcelona has found a new star with Ousmane Dembélé. This season he is being one of the most important offensive resources of FC Barcelona and, against Real Sociedad, he signed his best performance

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The explosion of Ousmane Dembélé in this season has been absolute. It happened to gather doubts to his around to go back indisputable and indispensable in the plans of Xavi Hernández because it has turned into one of the engines of the team and a reference in the attack. It has econtrado his best version and the FC Barcelona is 'taking advantage of' of a star that is shining more than ever.

Against the Real Sociedad signed, probably, his best split since it landed in the Spotify Camp Nou in 2017. It was 'fine' and launched to the attack from the minute one to the end and commissioned , besides, to mark the goal that defined the clash and classification of the Barcelona to the semifinals of the Glass of Rey.

One of the points more keys of the party of Dembélé is that it showed consistency from beginning to end. In several clashes had accused him that went of less to more (or vice versa) or that was not connected in all the party. In the chambers of Glass, dressed of leader at all times to certify a worthy performance of one of the big stars of the European football.

It did the his right band and won to any rival that crossed him : it Tried ten 1vs1 and won nine of them, had 85% of tarpaulin in the passes, won six duels and signed six dribblings. It was the disequilibrium that so much needed to the Barça and, in addition to his goal, was dumped to the attack from beginning to end with several actions that have not happened unobserved and that has collected the FC Barcelona in his official channel of YouTube with all the 'highlights' of the stellar performance of 'Dembouz'.

A fundamental piece for Xavi

It does not remain doubts that Dembélé has taken advantage of and answered to the confidence that has given him Xavi Hernández from his arrival, even when from the club understood that it went to leave does a year. It has given a complete dump to his situation and finished to clear the ghosts that had accompanied him by long. It is the best possible news for a Barça that sees him like one of the offensive leaders of the next decade.

And it is that, in the middle of this big year of Dembélé, is worth it to stand out that finally it has said goodbye to the injuries that so much pursued him. Without going further, in what it goes of season has contested 1.836 minutes, something that seemed unthinkable does some years... And that seems to be the new 'reality' of the 'Mosquito'.

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