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Recover the ambition and the wish like way to the success

Published:24/07/2017 - 17:45h

Updated:24/07/2017 - 17:52h

Without being able to extract tangible conclusions after the first 90 minutes with Valverde in the bench, yes can affirm that they saw brushstrokes of a team hambriento, desirous to struggle and win. To the talent of Neymar added him the choral intensity

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It said Pep Guardiola does years that "the pressure up is one of the best arms to attack". A concept that in the modern football has been able to estilar in teams like this Barça of the triplete in 2009, a compact block that began to defend just after losing the balloon. "You can not breathe neither a second because you always have to somebody on", related Juanma Lillo in that period, when it directed to the Almería. 

To a talent irrepetible and a speed of vertigo in the movement of the ball -explaining the exit from backwards and the game asociativo in the centre of the field- added him a flawless defensive work that allowed to the ones of up inflate to mark goals. "If presionamos up and steal the balloon will be more near of the goal", highlighted Pep in a press conference. 

And clear, the Barça arrollaba to his rivals with this high pressure by flag. They remember how many parties had sentenced to the rest with a 3-0 or 4-0? And parties of Champions in front of rivals of entity like the Bayern or the Olympique of Lyon. This defensive intensity forced errors in the rival defence and of the rest commissioned Messi, Eto'or and Henry, with individual actions or by means of the help of Xavi and Iniesta like connectors. A compacter. 

To measure that were happening the years, the technical successors of Pep -Tito, the Tata and Luis Enrique- had problems to recover this idea of pressure up. It kept the hegemony in Spain and followed arriving successes in Europe, but more by the individual talent. The pressure happened to a flat second, although it followed existing a work en bloc. With 'I Struggle' these years, have seen a Barça that even has felt comfortable leaving to the rival dominate the tempo of the party for 'kill him' to the counterattack -a brilliant and effective resource if it has the MSN-. It seems that it is the Madrid the one who opts now by the control in the centre.

This high pressure was fruit of the wish and the hunger for winning. The Barça bit, litigated, did not have end for the tank of petrol. Always there was a relief, an act solidario of a mate, a "here am I". It worked like team and the rivals only could sucumbir in front of a superiority few times seen before.

Valverde Wants to go back to the origins

It is premature to take out conclusions after a friendly of pre-season, more if it is the first. But yes it serves to build an imaginary of how could Valverde organise to the team. A priori, in front of the Juventus did not see a change in the 4-3-3, although Alcácer and Neymar were in constant offensive field, with Messi going down more to the centre to organise -something already usual in the two last campaigns-, abandoning the right band -Vidal had a lot visited for adueñarse of the same-. 

What more soprendió in front of the Juventus was the pressure of the men of Valverde. Especially in the first-half, and more specifically in the first 15 minutes of party. Messi, Neymar, Alcácer, Iniesta... All went like crazy to by the balloon. The players of the Juventus, with experience and without losing the nerves, saw like the Barça did not give them neither a break. The asphyxia was total.

The Barça tightened up and took out benefit of this, causing a total of 8 losses in the first half hour. In mind an offensive action of the Juventus by left band in which it had four Barcelona players covering possible passes or centres. A tactical excellence remarcable to be the first friendly. Messi, physically like a motorbike, went down in several occasions until the defensive field to recover balloons. And it did it. 

A friendly does not serve to take out conclusions, would be precipitated, but yes could see a Barça hambriento, longing for mark, wishing win, tightening for demolishing to the rival. The way to the success is that, without place to doubts. The talent is here, intocable. They are missing the legs and that the head ask the same that the Saturday: struggle to win. This Wednesday, friendly second, in front of the United, a more filmed team. We will see if it keeps this pressure up. 

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