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Referendum, resignation or cancellation: the three options of the vote of censorship

Published:2/10/2020 - 20:23h

Updated:2/10/2020 - 20:23h

After the collected of signatures to carry to in front the motion of censorship on the mandate of Josep Maria Bartomeu, open three possible ways for the future

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The Table of the Vote of Censorship, to day of today, follows to the charge of the process of validation of the rúbricas collected against of Josep Maria Bartomeu and his managerial board. The term stipulated to finish this process is the day 9 October, although it could finish before. Already they have reviewed 11.222 signatures, of which have approved 10.210 and still remain for validating some 9.500 more.

It is necessary to remember that the minimum of valid ballots to effect the vote of censorship and carry to the partners to the urns is of 16.520. Taking into account the quantity of signatures for reviewing, probably, will exceed the limit fixed and at last, the fans of the FC Barcelona will be able to decide if they want to continue with Bartomeu like president or no.

Understanding that like this it will be, open three possible options. The first , following the guion stipulated, is that it exist a vote in a term from among 10 and 20 skillful days after the validation of the signatures. To achieve the dismissal of the current managerial board, the result of the referendum would have to be favourable with at least two thirds of the approval of the partners; of not being like this, Bartomeu would finish his mandate until next summer.

The second stage would be that so much the president like the managerial decided to resign after arriving to the 16.520 signatures. As it informs 'The Avant-garde' is a decision that already is beginning to pose in the dispatches of the Camp Nou. In the case that this occurred, the club would happen to hands of a Managing Board headed by the president of the Economic Commission: Carles Tusquets. This, would have a term of 40 to 90 days to fix a date for new elections.

Finally, the third option, is that, in spite of achieving the validation of the minimum of signatures collected, can not open the urns by the protocols of prevention anti Covid-19. The Decree Law in force in Catalonia has restricted the meetings or meetings to private level or public to a maximum of six people. Only the Government of Catalonia, could authorise this vote.

Still it can happen of everything with Bartomeu

These are the three possibilities that exist, once that the Table of the Vote of Censorship finish for validating the 16.520 signatures compulsory to follow with the motion of censorship on the presidency of Bartomeu. What is evident is that it is not all the fish sold and still can happen of everything, in favour or against of the dismissal of the current president.

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