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Rivaldo Reveals his opinion on Sergio Ramos by means of a gift

Published:6/01/2021 - 16:48h

Updated:6/01/2021 - 16:48h

Rivaldo, exjugador of football and of the Barcelona, sent a T-shirt signed to Sergio Bouquets, with a dedicatoria in which it cataloged it like the best defender of the history

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The ex footballer and ex player of the FC Barcelona, among others clubs, Rivaldo, sent him a gift of Kings Magicians to the central defender of the Real Madrid Sergio Ramos that, with security, the Spanish never will forget. It treats of a T-shirt signed by the Brazilian star, with a dedicatoria in which it expressed his opinion to the defender "Merengue".

When receiving the present, Ramos showed it in his social networks, appreciating to the carioca by the gesture and for exposing in the signature his trial, since in the dedicatoria written by the exjugador of the Sportive of The Coruña could read "With affection, for the best defence of the history, a strong embrace of your fellow Rivaldo". A gesture of greatness, that traspasa the borders of the rivalry between the Barcelona and the Real Madrid.

Further of the beautiful and exemplary that went the detail of Rivaldo with Sergio Ramos, the same served to clear that, to the eyes of the exdelantero sudamericano, the current captain of the Real Madrid is at all less than the best central defender. An opinion that, although it can be quite debatable, given the presence of names like the ones of Maldini, Puyol, Cannavaro, among others, is respectable.

Dardo of Rivaldo to the Balloon of Gold?

The recent gift done by Rivaldo to Sergio Ramos and the opinion that the same left in the signature of the give arrives, casually, afterwards that the central defender was not incluído in the eleven historical elect by the organisation of the Balloon of Gold. This fact desató quite controversial and could be the explanation so that the Brazilian gave a present of Kings Magicians to the Spanish.

Although Ramos always has showed a big level like player and has obtained a big list of winners that sustenta his performance, the competition that the been born the camero had to go in in said selection did not put him the at all easy things. The defenders that finished being elect for the eleven of the Balloon of Gold were Maldini, Cafú and Beckenbauer, almost at all.

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